Inhumans IMAX Premiere Review

Despite Marvel dominating the big screen while the current iteration of the comics said films are based on, are going down in a flaming nose dive under the egos, heavy political agendas and incompetence of their writing staff;

Want proof?

their works on TV has ranged from great like Daredevil and Agent Carter, to a complete time waste such as Iron Fist and Luke Cage as Marvel pushes the fans patience and time schedules given how much is produced nowadays. So does Inhumans become the now only great Network show on air for Marvel to justify the IMAX screening of its two-part pilot? ……kinda…not really.

For all the potential that adaptation of a series that amounts to Game of Thrones in space Marvel have surprising took the safe route to compensate for the fact that this production didn’t get the truck loads of Disney money it was supposed to get when featured as part of MCU Phase Four.

Not any more!

But the clearly scaled down scope that a project like this would’ve given you steams beyond setting large chunks of the story on earth. But to advertise a team of super powered aliens, and set up these powers as part of the shows status quo; just so you could cripple half the team and shove these guys far away from each other so the villain actually stands a chance. Well naturally, every Marvel show has always featured the characters in a constant schedule of running around the main city looking for shit and twiddling their thumbs figuring out how to save the day together.

What’s that? Our main lead can control her hair like additional arms? Have you seen how much we’ll have to pay the guy to animate that, after Tangled drain our backers wallet. Hey script guy! Let’s shave the bitch and save the call to the wig store. That’ll save us money, and like six pages of script done without the super powered hair. So what about the giant teleporting dog? “Ah just have him sedated and locked away somewhere, what? Infinity War needs another grand to animate Thanos’ left Ass cheek; why else do you think the main costumes look like something bought of cosplay Etsy page? I joke because the money clearly went into the varied locations and the IMAX cameras used to film these two episodes. Particularly when the outer space shots look better designed than the main city itself. Oh its cinematography is excellent, so is the CGI. But when the buildings of this intergalactic moon city looks like the graphic designer was given a tub of Lego and was told to go crazy with the several dozen brick pieces, and then spray painted the result grey; well its no wonder no one has ever found the damn space city when it blends on with the rest of the moon crater its hiding in.

But when the Inhumans do get to use their powers, they look great, particularly Karnak’s ability to reassess, change and calculate his way out of a fight like an episode of Sherlock staring Jackie Chan. Medusas actor was a good choice for the role and when there’s enough budget to use her tentacle hentai hair, the effects manages to capture the details. And while Lockjaws full body shots sends him into the uncanny valley due to being detailed and yet stick out from the live action sets in ideal lighting conditions. But hey, at least the animation more than made up for it. But even the better performances feel like they’re on auto pilot, especially when the mute Blackbolt’s facial acting amounts to expressing stubbornness and confused stubbornness. And yet given his body language, mannerisms and sign language without speaking; his probably the best character in these two epsiodes….no that is a joke about the dialogue. don’t even get me started on how under developed Loki…uh Maximus is. Oh sure his a human in a society where not having super powers puts you in working class mines, but outside of becoming Enjoras by preaching about how great things would be if I were in charge; in both scenes we see of said human under class. Was there really that little story in the pre-production notes from the now defunct Inhumans film, that the writers had to go full-blown Killing in the Name Of in terms starting an uprising scene in the first episode, just after establishing a status quo to break it in a time span so short it could be given the chance to direct The Flash movie; and to do so before the writers get bored with writing scenes in the moon palace?!

If these guys were any more desperate to get rid of the man in charge to focus extensibility on the aftermath, they would be reporting for CNN. This story feels like they skipped to the build up for the finale, and are just killing time until Blackbolt takes the throne back in the final episode. Look, I know that TV budget can’t exactly pay for Guardians of the Galaxy level effects every week, let alone for eight episodes in total. But I can’t say I’m surprised that the guy who botched Iron Fist to the point that the fighting was downgraded from Daredevils second season, and the usage of the particular Iron Fist could be counted on one glowing hand. I’ll say this much, at least I could remember the villains name this time. But you’ve established a group of heroes; and decided that the first plan of action was to separate them each on their own separate part of the continent, as they wander around and gripping about how much of a dipshit the guy currently on the throne is, until the plot paths connect at some point. Wow this is turning into an episode of Game of Thrones.

Related image

And despite that, the problem isn’t the path taken by the writers, but rather the way it’s handled. The story is cliché and under development for something that’s meant to kick-start an ongoing story, with actors trying to work with their direction; and how they’re dealing with a cast of characters with little to do since the script is rushing to key plot points and keeping the characters somewhat occupied in the meantime; or is trying to work around moments that would actually need the super powers, that don’t involve the guy who can lever the building with a single belch. Either way you slice it, it’s sad to see that Agents of Shield found more use for the Inhumans as characters, and their abilities, than this show seems to be doing. I admit this could improve and last past the story’s current direction, but then I remembered I watched Iron Fist being made by the same guy who did this and the finale to Dexter……


Thank you for your time.


Think It Through #5: The Olympics triggered Twitter

Welcome to the fifth installment of ‘Think It Through’, the series where I poke holes in the logic of things that don’t seem to run on any logic.

So the Rio Olympics were a thing a few days ago, and now that the dust is settled (well at least by the time I finish writing this thing) and people have celebrated the achievements of the winning athletes. But alas not everything can be so happy; especially when the social justice babies start emerging from their Tumblur blogs looking for something to do. And in their never-ending quest to bully anyone more relevant than them; they decide to go after the voice of Dory from Finding Nemo.

I guess they were that keen to disprove the notion that anyone that isn’t white, straight or born with a dick is public enemy number one and only, while everyone else is excused from consequences….its just the women they do it to. So for those not in the know, Jamaican athlete Usian Bolt competed, with a photo of him grinning at the camera as he completed the race. And like the Internet usually does. It photoshopped the image into various memes for the shakes of a joke. Well Ellen DeGeneres also took to Photoshop with her own image.

Now you see that image here above the sentence? Right tell me what is wrong with that picture? If you said nothing you’re correct. However we live in the world of individuals that more trigger happy than Yosemite Sam on Red Bull and crack. Because she was accused of racism, due to the picture’sconnections (if only the quotation marks could get bigger than the site will allow) to slavery. I mean look at this image here to the right. As the mouth breathers on Twitter compared a photo of Ellen saying that: being given a piggy back ride by Usian Bolt is faster than taking her own car (which is probably true) to slave masters using their slaves as furniture. WHAT?! Screenshot (7).jpgSee this is why the Olympics need a game for furthest distance away from the point; because if these people were in US team, they would be taking home the gold from now till the end of time and beyond.

Unless Ellen also edited herself being pulled by a kart tied around Bolt’s waist, while whipping him with one hand, and holding a poll with a water melon attached via some string. Then you have lost me on how this is racist. Those two from the 1800s keep being brought. Yes that happened a long time ago. But as far as Google is aware, this is the exception and not the norm. And yet they keep popping up as a means of quit by association; because god forbid people move on from their countries past. Unless she’s maceing the guy while she’s dressed in a police uniform, the only racism is in your own head, that is if you believe in the crap that is more of a stretch than a fat lady’s g-string. As if the argument that political correctness is to comedy, what cancer is to the human lungs; needed anymore proof.

And the best thing of all, is that Ellen finally commented about the c(n)onterversy by saying this: Screenshot (8).png

And good for her to basically say: “I’m not racist, and your morons are taking this out of context”. – Ellen DeGeneres, in an ideal world. Because if the Social Justice morons have told us anything, it’s that context and apologies are more meaningless than their credibility as a movement. I mean these are the same people who praised the Ghostbusters reboot of promoting girl power, before calling the trailer racist for not having the black woman not be a scientist…last time I tak about the Ghostbusters reboot i swear.

So can everyone please stop trying to associate things that aren’t racist…with racism? Please, because most of the time in this day and age, it’s not there. So how about we start using the word racist when discussing actual hate attacks and acts based on nationality and skin colour; before the it starts becoming a synonym for something other than its proper definition, given the people who’ll throw the word around like water.

Thank you for your time.

Think It Through #2 : Fired Over Social Networking?

Welcome to the second installment of Think It Through, the series where I poke holes in the logic of things that don’t seem to run on any logic.

In this digital age pretty much everyone is connected to at least one social messaging service; whether it’d be: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or WhatsApp. And they’re used to message each others, share pictures of places they’ve been to, share something they found online that made them smile, to see what your friend or favorite celebrity are up to, or express what ever thought you had that day. Despite the jokes people make about badly spelled tweets, pointless status’ and whatever trash ends up on Twitter and Instagram, this  sort of stuff is actually listened to; and if you post the wrong thing you can find yourself at a short end of a very blunt beating stick.

I think anyone who has, is or will be looking for work may already know what I’m talking about. When a boss is thinking about accepting an application for a job at their company; most bosses will look up the person’s name online to find their social networking sites; and any other dirt they can find. Too many pics of you partying on night outs with your friends; well the boss doesn’t want someone who may come in hung over every Monday. And admittedly i have to address some flaws with that argument. Yes i get the need for a reliable employee; but while you can read a profile you can’t read people. Sure they say they won’t be getting drunk on work nights; but everyone goes out some nights to parties, wedding receptions, new year parties etc. And as much they try, they’ll end up drunk on the night, sleep through their alarm clock and be late for work. I get the point and those chain of events are irresponsible, but the pictures someone post is ill relevant because of how much of a gamble it is.

Plus, some can still post tons of drunken photos of themselves online, and still not go out drinking regularly; in the same way someone else could go out drinking every night and not tell the internet about. Not exactly Mr Holmes in terms of deduction skills were we boss?

Statuses and Tweets are important to be careful of as well, for two reasons; content and presentation. An employer will want someone to represent their company or a department with in it. By presentation i mean basic spelling and grammar. Most companies nowadays also have their own accounts on Facebook and Twitter, with employees often having their own accounts on websites such as Most jobs will workers write reports for the head of their department, letters and emails to other companies in order to do business with. And speaking from experience in order for said employee to do this they’ll need good spelling skills, correct punctuation, basic understanding of sentence structure. Because chances are, if your soon to be employer sees that you regularly post badly written statuses with spelling with the coherency of a tin of alphabeti spaghetti; you’ll remain on the unemployment line. SOURCE: Scumbags of the Internet #2 – ADoseofBuckley.

I understand a company wanting a smart, well written and intelligent staff member when communicating with others; what i don’t support is the content being a reason to get someone canned from a job. We live in a world of many different believes and i don’t like the idea of someone saying “you said this, so we don’t want you here”. Most of the time said post are unrelated to the company. The views of a worker don’t effect the profits or anything with a company. Most people like to come home in order to get away from their job; and policing their views just adds to the stereotype of bosses being nasty bullies who treat their employees like dirt. To all business owners of the world: whatever bigoted or moronic things said by your employee doesn’t sink your company image. If said inappropriate comments aren’t being put on your company website, your customers aren’t being insulted, or said actions aren’t done in your name; you have nothing to worry about; let your workers live the days where they can breathe how they choose.

An example would be from February in 2015 in which a teenage girl named Cella (No article i could find didn’t say her last name) as she posted a tweet saying

“Ew i start this fucking job tomorrow”.

Naturally expressing the views of most people, that they have to get up for work; and part-time jobs for teenagers aren’t exactly making fat stacks yo. Her boss Robert Walpe found that tweet and responded:

“No you don’t start that FA (Fucking Ass) job today! I just fired you! Good luck with your no money, no job life”!

That is flat rude on so many levels; behavior wise, and that’s putting aside the language police on display. She couldn’t represent the company as she hadn’t started her job yet; nor did she mention it in the post. This shows how Robert abusing his power of head of staff, by censoring criticism. Again, this was done outside her work time.Unless she’s reviewing the company on a site like Yelp; Robert has nothing to worry about, in terms the reputation of his business.

That was a tweet that wasn’t representative of the business Cella worked at; this example was. On the 6th October 2015 Goldsmith University’s Diversity officer Bahar Mustafa was arrested in England for hate speech.

She was punished for using the hashtag #killallwhitemen in multiple tweets on her twitter page (yes i do see the irony, why do you ask?) SOURCE: This incident is only the straw that broke the camel’s back; as she was already notorious on the internet. She was well-known for having segregated classes and assemblies, where white, straight, men weren’t allowed to attend. Not just that but she also stated as a rule that women are the only people who were allowed to speak first due to society not giving them chances to impact the world around them. All of which was explained in a speech where she states that

“Therefore women of colour and minority genders cannot be racist or sexist because we do not stand to benefit from such a system.” B Mustafa – 2015.

And yet if a white man said she would cry racist, not seeing the irony.  The most ironic thing about that speech is this: If women can’t be classed as racist and are above laws such as hate crime, wouldn’t that make her have the benefit of a power structure? Also this speech is spoken by a white woman, while a young black woman holds her microphone.

Since then she has been fired from her job and was arrested in England for the #killallwhitemen tweets. Ironic given how she was the negative stereotype of a feminist. You know the: “that’s sexist, that’s racist! Ban this now!” The type that purpose language police for no reason other than being PC.
I call this ironic because this is the sort of law people like her and her supporters fight to in act, only this time with a feminist at the short end of the law; and not anyone who disagrees with their views….i mean a racist bigot.

I agree that it was right for the university to fire her; i do feel her imprisonment wasn’t the right decision, given the draconian hate speech laws in England. You may call me a hypocrite for what i said in paragraph two; but here’s the difference between Bahar and Cella. All of what i said about Bahar’s comments and such; those were the ways she ran her job, as the woman who is meant to help relationships of students of different races and genders. That speech i linked was at the university, she admits to segregating her classes; all of which she admits online. Imagine yourself as a white male student looking to imply at Goldsmith; imagine you read about how class mates of your gender were forbidden to speak because of their gender, imagine hearing how a member of the student union opening supports segregation and other such acts on campus; all with the university allowing her to work there. I’m guess if you were in that situation, I’m guessing you’d like to take business else where. I’m in the position of: the internet shouldn’t factor into someone’s job, unless it’s done in the name of the company or on their grounds, in a way that makes them look bad. Much like Bahar did to the name of Goldsmith.

For famous people like celebrities, spokes people, politicians, web celebrities, people in high-profile companies etc; it’s a different story. When you’re in the public consciousness, no duh you’re going to have more people keeping an eye on you if have Twitter or Instagram. Not just for updates in their career and new products to sell; but rather if you say something incredibly stupid you are bound to get the back lash on high scale; and yes depending on the point it can and well affect your job. Such as Adam Orth, a former Creative Director for Microsoft. Those not in the know when the Xbox One console was announced, it was said to have DRM restrictions. It’s a long complicated story but basically the publisher of a game would be monitoring the play through viva having the game constantly connected to the internet. This received a huge backlash, as this ruined the launch of games like Sim City (2014) and Diablo 3 due to the servers needed not working well enough or at all; sometime later Adam sent this tweet.
This didn’t help Microsoft; as they fired him due to the hate he got over this. While that was stupid, i do believe firing him was a bit extreme. I believe he should have made an apology to the audience and the companies higher-ups. Hence why people shouldn’t be fired for something they said on Facebook. If someone’s going to post something stupid, then surely their responses by everyone who sees it is going to be punishment enough; having you be mocked by friends and whoever else. I feel that a person caught in a situation should make an apology, face any backlash, and then earn their respect back.

At the end of the day, I feel that someone’s internet comments should be the last thing anyone should be fired for. Because unless it’s being done on company time, or aimed towards customers or business clients; it’s just a case of paranoia of consumer back lash or a quick way of taking the back lash of the boss and company, which is usually why this is done. So either this practice needs to stopped; or all employers should link their personal social network pages to their company’s website to let their customers judge their views on the world. Either I what to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Think It Through employers.

Thank you for your time.

Tumblr’s obsession with identity politics:


Recently i came across the blog post of a site called ‘The Cynicalist’, a trans-person who discuss his feelings of Tumblur as a representative of the trans-gender community on the internet. In order to get a full perspective of what i mean, i suggest reading through the post first and come back to mine. Here’s a link: I’ll wait.

So given how Tumblr isn’t just a site now over run with the Social Justice morons I’ve mentioned in the past; but the site is now the hive of these people. And it’s now gotten so out of control, even the people they claim to represent are getting annoyed; joining the likes of the ‘Men’s Right’s Movement’ and ‘Women Against Feminism’. If you were too lazy to read the link, let me explain why Tumblr’s obsession with identity politics is hurting the credibility of those it aims to support; and the Internet in general.

You’re probably thinking; “Tumblr, isn’t it that site where people post memes and GIFs based around TV shows and fandoms?” That is true. And if you are a person who uses the site for that purpose, well good for you; i have nothing against that. But that’s only a quarter of what people know the site for. This is the rest.

The first thing is the ever going list of genders to identify as that the site users preach about. I mean look at this list of actual genders people have identified themselves as on Tumblr, with the chart coming from the site itself. Holy crap talk about being spoiled for choice. Look i have nothing against people transitioning into a different gender; but keep in mind there are only two genders, male and female. Well there are hermaphrodites that can have surgery to decide upon a chosen gender at the age of puberty. But keep in mind they are choosing between those two genders, because those are the only genders under medical science.

As The Cynicalist says himself, gender isn’t a pair of socks; you can’t just change due to how comfortable you are with said pair. You’re born with one gender, and then you have to decide to switch to the other gender. As the Youtube user Undoomed said,

“There have been males and females living on this earth, for hundreds of millions of years. But it only took two for Tumblr to f*** it all up”. Undoomed 2015

There are many examples of this online. Such Milo Stewart identifying as A gender (without gender) despite clearly looking like a woman. And yes, her Tumblr page is linked on her YouTube account. Anyway this way of doing things has been promoted by people like Laci Green, in which she has supported the idea of more than two genders. Yep she’s on the site too. Her proof of this claim, well she says  male and female are the ends of a gender spectrum, where anything in between is categorized based on whether the person’s genitals are malformed and the testosterone or estrogen level of the person. Look i know i don’t swear in these blogs but, she is that retarded. It’s funny how many people compare the SWJ community to The Party from 1984, but i consider them more to be like the creatures from Animal Farm, with people like Anita Sarkessian and Andrea Dworkin taking the role of Napoleon, with Laci being Boxer the horse. If you find a feminist believe she hasn’t supported that isn’t an all male genocide; you’re not trying hard enough.

But moving back onto Tumblr. And how could we not get to covering pronouns.
In particularly, the obsession the community the site has for getting people matched to their correct pronouns. OK snow flake, you want to expand the list of what to identify people as; dandy. But care to explain how I’m meant to know what you identify as without a badge on you. And it gets worst when many others decided to change gender, the pronouns they use as well. And there are cases where people who look or dress in an opposite of what pronouns they want.

Take for instance this guy, VarmitCoyote he is who is known for releasing a video of himself trying to convince the internet he was a woman. If he actually bothered with going through a transformation into a woman, than he wouldn’t have made a complete fool of himself. And that’s not only one case of people looking like the opposite to the gender they want people to identify themselves as. Feminate women calling themselves men, hairy men identifying as women, or just saying that don’t identify as either.

I know I’m using a lot of YouTube’s users as sources. But keep in mind that a lot of this ordinates from or is promoted by the community of Tumblr. And any criticism is labeled as trans-phobic, no surprises here. And even trans people objecting to this on the grounds of “that’s not how that works” are given the same treatment. Even The Cynicalist has had this happen to him.

” Apparently even though I’m a ‘traditional’ trans person, I’m transphobic on the grounds that I think changing your pronouns every day is stupid. Asking people to call you by male pronouns but making no effort to look male and wearing dresses and lipstick is also stupid. The most stupid of all is claiming to be genderless or doing it for attention. I’m almost convinced most of these kids are just huge attention seekers.” The Cynicallist.

I have never in my life used Tumblr as a social networking site, but given all of the above i made the right choice. And that’s not taking into account the aggressiveness of issues around feminism and racism, cries of oppression over first world problems, and the fact that jokes don’t exist unless it comes with a GIF file. And i didn’t even get into the subject of otherkins. The believe of some of the sites users that they are animals (real or other wise) in a human body. I…i don’t even…..i’ll just let Adam Buckley take this one.

So in summary, Tumblr isn’t really taken as seriously as sites like Twitter and Facebook, given what is posted on the site. Where the identity of its users are either a fancy mask or a game of music chairs, aggressiveness to anyone white and male in the name of equity is a popular thing to do and sensitivity is the norm. Got to check that privilege somehow. I think I’ve gone on long enough, and i’ll leave you with this part from JelloApocalypse‘s ‘Welcome to Tumblr video; what a better way to sum up a site that can be best described as the politically correct version if 4Chan.

Thank you for your time.

The Best People on YouTube (My Ten Favorite Youtubers)

While this is a bit of a bias title for a blog, it does reflect my attitude towards these individuals. I’ve spoken about my YouTube channel on here before, and one question i do get asked often is this: “Who is your favorite You Tuber?” So I’ve decided to make this list of ten of my favorite Youtubers, in no particular order. You can click on their images which have links to their channels so you can check them out.

1) Jeremy Jahns:

Image result for jeremy jahns
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Jeremy is a film review with a huge passion for what he does,and it clearly shows. It’s always clear that the guy knows what his talking in terms of conveying his views on a film; not to mention how his charming charisma always keeps my attention. This adds to the times he tries to be funny, and he really is a funny guy with a good sense of timing. A huge smart and successful film reviewer for a good reason.

2) Made Yew Look:

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You’d think a make up channel wouldn’t be on the list favorite Youtubers, especially when the person making the list is male. But wait until what you see Lex (the woman running the channel) has in store. She uses make up and body paint in order to make her look like monsters or famous characters. In the past she has done videos where she has turned herself into characters like Mystique from X-men, The Cheshire Cat and many more. With Lex showing excellent attention to the detail of the characters she creates; her tutorials are very interesting to listen to given the narration she gives. She’s funny, well spoken and is a great artist.

3) Thunderf00t:

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While Thunderf00t does like to fill his channel with interesting and well researched videos on science; his known for tackling and debunking claims and videos in the name of disproving their arguments; whether it’d be creationist, science stories in the news, radical Islam and most often radical feminist. And each video is filled with mountains of evidence, each point being presently clearly with as much proof and reason behind it as possible. His a show don’t tell sort of person. Given how well he presents himself I could and have listened to him for hours.

4) The Rageaholic: 

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Also known as Razor-Fist, the best way to describe The Rageaholic is short and straight to the point. His a fast talking blogger on video games and metal music, with his videos being well-rounded, very detailed and yet he is always straight to the point in terms of his views on the given matter; and yet you always get a clear picture of what his saying. NOt to mention how the guy has excellent wit with his delivery working perfectly given how well articulated he sounds.


5) Alonzo Lerone: 

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Mainly known for his “Dumbest Fails of the Internet” series, Alonzo is greatly entertaining to watch. The ways he tears into the stupid comments and status post he makes fun of is absolutely hilarious. A very charismatic guy with an upbeat attitude that works well with a series like this. Perfectly timed jokes used in responses, creative uses with the martial his given, the reactions and ways that’s presented with the tweet in question always gets a giggle out me. In terms of making fun of the stupidity on the Internet, it’s summed up best by his catch phrase: “get a dictionary”.

6) The Unusual Suspect: 

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Suspect is one of the funniest reviewers I’ve seen in a long time, his well spoken, his scripts are very clearly written, his points are well thought through, on point, and along with having some of the best edited reviews I’ve seen on YouTube. A trope of YouTube comedy is to use a random clip or reference to add to a joke; Suspects decision to add himself to those clips, and interact with them as if they’re with him in the room was a stroke of genius, leading him to some very funny jokes. He has a channel that’ll make you think and laugh at the same time. I suggest starting with his Home Alone reviews, I’ve nearly pissed myself watching those videos for the first time.

7) CineFix:

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As someone who takes interest with arts and crafts along with general building stuff, CineFix are the people I wish to be. They’re mostly known for recreating movie trailers, but with a shoe string budget. This leads to creating props and costumes with cardboard, fabric and anything else they can find; and the results are stunning. The attention to detail in their props, the look of the characters, the recreated music, the shots of the trailers. Watch anyone of their compassion videos, you’d be amazed how similar the two clips match. Not to mention the clever ways they end up recreating many different effects. When I first saw the compassion video of their Mad Max trailer, my jaw went through the floor in how good it was.

8) Sargon of Akkad:

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This guy is similar as Thunderfoot minus the science, but like his he presents his points against the subject his speaking against (usually radical feminism) with figurative and literal mountains of evidence and sources, blowing his opponent out of the water. His smart, well research and very engaging to listen to. His very blunt and rather straight to point when speaking out against stupidity in the news, radical feminism and modern-day political correctness. A well spoken vlogger that speaks his mind, with enough citations to explain himself.

9) GroundZeroOnline:

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Or rather the main man of the channel MK, particularly for his MK Loves series. MK is a well spoken, well presented and charismatic video blogger that can make you laugh and think; mainly due to those videos are often serious discussions with jokes. And on both fronts he hammers the nail of the head. Bringing up excellent points and ideas with great examples of what he means. His jokes are very well written show casing the mans wit; along with helping to convey his point. He also had a series called GZ TV which shows how good he is at writing comedy; i don’t think I’ve laughed at something on YouTube so hard in a long time.

10) Batmanmarch: 

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There’s a large section of the Doctor Who fan community on YouTube that stop motion animated films with their action figures; in that community this guy is king. It’s clear to who can see why. His impressions and well captured personality of the chosen Doctor, the use of music and sounds from old Who episodes etc. Keep in mind these aren’t just short two-minute videos; no these are well written, tense, gripping stories spread across multiple videos in most case. With great voice acting, good effects and some clear skills in editing and camera work. Less we forget the amount of detail he goes into his action figure reviews, giving us details on the toy itself but also little facts about why said decision may have been included. Sadly he has stopped doing the stop motion adventures due to him feeling his done with it, but given how much good content his given over the years, I forgive him. He has other content that his still putting out, all of which is still entertaining to sit through.

And so there we have it, my ten favorite YouTubers. But that’s my thoughts, what do you think of them?

Thank you for your time.