Shut Down Rotten Tomatoes: The Butt Hurt is Strong in This One

Fan boys arguing over the film efforts of studios and their review scores, have been more than the rising of the sun. And once again Rotten Tomatoes has been under scrutiny for giving a film a score that people disagreed with. This time being Star Wars The Last Jedi. And I’ll say this about these people, at least some of them waited to see the film before crying for franchise counciling…some being the key word. As seen by the two fan petitions to remove this film from canon in a world where Attack of the Clones almost got a theatrical RE release, and to close Rotten Tomatoes down as a result.

Never the less, like The Dark Knight Rises before; many came to insult the critics that don’t share the same world view as them. And given how The Force Awakens was spit roasted by right-wing anti SJW commentators that regularly criticise ANTIFA for attacking people who they disagree with politically; that’s saying a lot giving their low view of fans of Rogue One and Episode 7.  So where did all this hate and yet constant need of approval from this poor site come from? When it comes to Rotten Tomatoes being used as well a fire starter of back lash from disappointed audiences; the trend usually involves a big budget blockbuster being panned by critics and triggered fanboys lose their shit; despite the opposite happening now to Star Wars; this didn’t start with Suicide Squad, or X-Men: Apocalypse, despite starting the bullshit rumors of the site taking bribes from Disney; it didn’t even start with Batman V Superman, but it started with its predecessor: Man of Steel. Image result for man of steel2013 was a divisive year for cinema geek culture. With multiple big releases such as Star Trek Into Darkness and Iron Man 3 splitting their fan bases down the middle in terms of their responses. Hell at the time Thor’s second solo film was the MCU’s lowest rated project before Inhumans took that title. But Man of Steel was possibly the most divisive movie ever in terms of its quality explained by the reviews at the time. As the film was discussed as either being a cancer to the name of the Superman character, or the cure for said cancer. With the Rotten Tomatoes score reflecting this with a 56% rating. With many people calling Zach Snyder a hack, many of them brought up the film’s Rotten Tomatoes score as proof the film’s failures, and as someone who can say they liked and still keep a straight face, there are some worth mentioning. But whatever positive aspects that can be said about the film didn’t matter to those that were out for Snyder’s blood, because they got slightly more than half of the critics on their side.
And mob rule it was. As numerous well-known film reviewers on sites like You Tube became the fuel of many flame wars in the comment sections of their reviews of the film. This brought two faces of both sides debating it. As the discussion devolved into the extreme ends of fanboys and haters both throwing any coherent opinions against them in the dumpster file of those amused by loud noises and fancy special effects; or the dumpster of ‘they’re slamming the film based on bias perceptions of how they personally think a Superman movie should be made and nothing else’, all for ease of dismissal. The problem became less the faults of the film, but the spite often coming of those discussing it. I’m not saying that people like Erod The Blockbuster Buster for example had an axe to grind against Zach Snyder’s vision, but I am saying he (and others) took pride in guessing that Dawn of Justice (a film he admitted that he was planning to review negatively) would be a critical dud, as for the past two years he claimed this film would suck literally since the day it was announced.

But no matter who had the best argument or anyones thoughts on the film good or bad; given how Rotten Tomatoes draws its reviews directly from professional critics, or collect a review else where and sorts them into a nice and tidy pile of user and critic reviews, and a percentage of those who liked the film is presented. The logic went that the critics opinion meant that any mass consensus on a film, as judged via the tomato meter, must be cinefile gospel. Want to convince people that your negative views on the latest blockbuster rings true? boom! “26% on the tomato meter means it sucks”. Except what many of these people didn’t and still don’t realise is that’s not how the site works. People are so interested by the scores of an film’s review, they’ll focus on the numbers than the means to get the result. With none of those people realising that the percentage wasn’t an overall score of the movie, it was the consensus of what a bunch of critics think.

Rotten Tomatoes works like this: let’s say I made a movie and some how secured a wide release for it. Then on opening day I got ten professional critics to review it.rotten tomatoes.jpg If I followed the same judging system as the tomato meter, I would have to take into account that any sum opted review score lower than a six out of ten would count as a negative review; and anything below 59% on the tomato meter, is enough to grade a film as rotten. If seven critics gave my film a five out of ten or lower, the consensus would be that 70% of critics didn’t like my movie, while the other 30% gave my film higher ratings; there for putting at the rotten end of the metre with my movie rated with a 30% approval rating. Now sure the scores of the reviews are counted up, and even displayed underneath, but the big number is the only one that counts, so the only one we should listen to; at least that what everyone from the average person to big time marketing directors seem to think.

Image result for doctor strange rotten tomatoes
The current rating is now 90%

How else did you think that Doctor Strange, on the eve of its release, gained a perfect 100%, despite only have fourteen reviews and an average score of mid sixes to low sevens from individual ratings? And if you say “by being paid by Disney” I’ll beat the knowledge into if I literally have to. As I was saying, since the review scores were above a five, then each of the dozen or so critics recommenced Doctor Strange
under the sites rules. Even that is a common problem with the site as since the tomato Meter accounts for the amount of people who liked a film rather than the reasons for their opinions; you end with often inflated scores when comparing the meter and average scores. Particularly when two different films can get similar scores in one, but different on the other. Critics are to bad films, what heroin is for your teeth; the more you have, the worst the effects are.

Screenshot (169).png
SOURCE: ‘You’re Using Rotten Tomatoes Wrong’

Then came the criticism of how the site operated, and the realisation of it’s a research tool and source, then the simplified rounded number. The difference between Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB; the former presents the average score as a key feature. The discussion came between asking legitimate concerns, about how black or white the tomato Meter is, and bring up its lack of awareness of the concept of middle ground. And then there’s the flying monkeys that start throwing feces soaked petitions to shut the site down out of spite, due to the critics views of a highly anticipated film. Image result for shut down rotten tomatoes With this petition released during the eve of the premiere of Suicide Squad. With it being rightfully laughed at by the masses; whether it’d be from the result of the film or the actions on principle. Regardless no one else since took that petition seriously no matter how many people were excited to see Margot Robbie in red and blue booty shorts.

But the biggest problems of the site, is the way it’s treated, depending on whether the big percentage does or doesn’t say nice thing about any given film. This is why I bring up the nerd war over Man of Steel, specifically the ones who hated it to the point they were calling the DCEU destined to fail before Batman V Superman even had a trailer; let alone meme status. Because the fan discord of the new Star Wars films is a similar yet backwards version of Man Of Steel. With the DCEU’s fall from…grace i guess, back in 2016, many people were willing to verbally bitch smack defenders of Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and then Justice League when they were getting spit roasted by the site; particularly at those lynching the site for giving a film they’d not seen yet a bad review. Now I’ve seen numerous of online content creators who were defending the site and its critics by saying: “yes these aren’t good”; are now some of the many with the pitch forks and torches at Rotten Tomatoes headquarters for giving a film a rating they’re not happy with; throwing the paid shill accusation like an aids cure. Sort of like…exactly like the Suicide Squad petition and other bullshit claims of Disney rigging the game against every other studio, but suddenly a pointless casino scene and Luke Skywalker drinking green seal milk is evidence enough that Disney is the sugar daddy of the movie industry.

Say what you will about The Last Jedi, but if either of these petitions makes sense in your head, you don’t give one damn about fair critique, particularly how the most negative, leftist bashing reviews of Episodes seven and eight regularly confuse disagreement with refusal to listen due to blindly following the “leftist propaganda within the film” which shows a lot doesn’t it. Not saying all hate for this film is because of the political reasons, there are parts I don’t like either. But I’m now regretting that i put Sargon and The Rageaholic on my favourite You Tubers list given how they’ve made carrers out of saying “the left can’t take critisim” and yet paint fanboys of Episode seven, and ones with legitmate critisim agaisnt their points on the matter with the same broad brush. Anyway, when films like The Dark Knight Rises, Suicide Squad and The Last Jedi are causing the critics of the site to get their inboxes flooded with hate mail and rants about the how broken the site is; If you’re wondering why many studios are pulling a Hilary Clinton in the sense that they blame everyone else first, self reflecting later; there’s your answer folks.

Screenshot (171).png

Because Hollywood knows that If their expensive blockbuster gets rated poorly on the most popular film review site on the net, well that becomes a headline, which turns audiences away; and the studio executive has to explain why said movie made less money than the leading brand of bottled piss. So in the meantime enforce review embargoes until after the opening day, unless it gets rated Certified Fresh, then that’s easy marketing to get asses in seats.

In closing, i want to think about something: we either live in a world where a mass consensus of people reflect a film’s quality, and protest demanding said people to be silenced is a petty move; or it isn’t. Not saying you have to agree or like The Last Jedi, but saying you don’t agree with a popular opinion is more braver and professional than saying the system is broken that day because you disagree!

Thank you for your time.


Inhumans IMAX Premiere Review

Despite Marvel dominating the big screen while the current iteration of the comics said films are based on, are going down in a flaming nose dive under the egos, heavy political agendas and incompetence of their writing staff;

Want proof?

their works on TV has ranged from great like Daredevil and Agent Carter, to a complete time waste such as Iron Fist and Luke Cage as Marvel pushes the fans patience and time schedules given how much is produced nowadays. So does Inhumans become the now only great Network show on air for Marvel to justify the IMAX screening of its two-part pilot? ……kinda…not really.

For all the potential that adaptation of a series that amounts to Game of Thrones in space Marvel have surprising took the safe route to compensate for the fact that this production didn’t get the truck loads of Disney money it was supposed to get when featured as part of MCU Phase Four.

Not any more!

But the clearly scaled down scope that a project like this would’ve given you steams beyond setting large chunks of the story on earth. But to advertise a team of super powered aliens, and set up these powers as part of the shows status quo; just so you could cripple half the team and shove these guys far away from each other so the villain actually stands a chance. Well naturally, every Marvel show has always featured the characters in a constant schedule of running around the main city looking for shit and twiddling their thumbs figuring out how to save the day together.

What’s that? Our main lead can control her hair like additional arms? Have you seen how much we’ll have to pay the guy to animate that, after Tangled drain our backers wallet. Hey script guy! Let’s shave the bitch and save the call to the wig store. That’ll save us money, and like six pages of script done without the super powered hair. So what about the giant teleporting dog? “Ah just have him sedated and locked away somewhere, what? Infinity War needs another grand to animate Thanos’ left Ass cheek; why else do you think the main costumes look like something bought of cosplay Etsy page? I joke because the money clearly went into the varied locations and the IMAX cameras used to film these two episodes. Particularly when the outer space shots look better designed than the main city itself. Oh its cinematography is excellent, so is the CGI. But when the buildings of this intergalactic moon city looks like the graphic designer was given a tub of Lego and was told to go crazy with the several dozen brick pieces, and then spray painted the result grey; well its no wonder no one has ever found the damn space city when it blends on with the rest of the moon crater its hiding in.

But when the Inhumans do get to use their powers, they look great, particularly Karnak’s ability to reassess, change and calculate his way out of a fight like an episode of Sherlock staring Jackie Chan. Medusas actor was a good choice for the role and when there’s enough budget to use her tentacle hentai hair, the effects manages to capture the details. And while Lockjaws full body shots sends him into the uncanny valley due to being detailed and yet stick out from the live action sets in ideal lighting conditions. But hey, at least the animation more than made up for it. But even the better performances feel like they’re on auto pilot, especially when the mute Blackbolt’s facial acting amounts to expressing stubbornness and confused stubbornness. And yet given his body language, mannerisms and sign language without speaking; his probably the best character in these two epsiodes….no that is a joke about the dialogue. don’t even get me started on how under developed Loki…uh Maximus is. Oh sure his a human in a society where not having super powers puts you in working class mines, but outside of becoming Enjoras by preaching about how great things would be if I were in charge; in both scenes we see of said human under class. Was there really that little story in the pre-production notes from the now defunct Inhumans film, that the writers had to go full-blown Killing in the Name Of in terms starting an uprising scene in the first episode, just after establishing a status quo to break it in a time span so short it could be given the chance to direct The Flash movie; and to do so before the writers get bored with writing scenes in the moon palace?!

If these guys were any more desperate to get rid of the man in charge to focus extensibility on the aftermath, they would be reporting for CNN. This story feels like they skipped to the build up for the finale, and are just killing time until Blackbolt takes the throne back in the final episode. Look, I know that TV budget can’t exactly pay for Guardians of the Galaxy level effects every week, let alone for eight episodes in total. But I can’t say I’m surprised that the guy who botched Iron Fist to the point that the fighting was downgraded from Daredevils second season, and the usage of the particular Iron Fist could be counted on one glowing hand. I’ll say this much, at least I could remember the villains name this time. But you’ve established a group of heroes; and decided that the first plan of action was to separate them each on their own separate part of the continent, as they wander around and gripping about how much of a dipshit the guy currently on the throne is, until the plot paths connect at some point. Wow this is turning into an episode of Game of Thrones.

Related image

And despite that, the problem isn’t the path taken by the writers, but rather the way it’s handled. The story is cliché and under development for something that’s meant to kick-start an ongoing story, with actors trying to work with their direction; and how they’re dealing with a cast of characters with little to do since the script is rushing to key plot points and keeping the characters somewhat occupied in the meantime; or is trying to work around moments that would actually need the super powers, that don’t involve the guy who can lever the building with a single belch. Either way you slice it, it’s sad to see that Agents of Shield found more use for the Inhumans as characters, and their abilities, than this show seems to be doing. I admit this could improve and last past the story’s current direction, but then I remembered I watched Iron Fist being made by the same guy who did this and the finale to Dexter……


Thank you for your time.

Review: Suicide Squad (spoiler free)

DC Films.jpgWhat the hell is going on with DC? When The Dark Knight left cinemas back in 2008, did a curse fall upon the land, dooming them to eternal bad luck? Because while Marvel is constantly killing it with their cinematic universe; DC and Warner Bros have been also releasing comic book films between now and 2008, with catches on each one; that wasn’t part of the Dark Knight trilogy. Watchmen in 2009, bombed. Jonah Hex in 2010, panned. Green Lantern in 2011 did both, as the film crashed and burned harder the ship that delivered Hal’s lantern ring.

MoS BvS ratingsEven films in the Extended Universe (The DC Extended Universe, that is what they’re calling it) like Man of Steel and Batman v Superman made by Zach Synder, faced untold amounts of mixed reviews from fans and critics a like; despite the box office figures. Some loving Synder’s direction; while others…didn’t. Dawn of Justice faced negative feedback coming from both fans and detractors alike. It’s been like three months or so since the film’s release, and Snyder is still pulling buck shot shrapnel from his nut sack. Well…he was until film’s “Ultimate Edition” improved a large amount of the film’s flaws; even if it still is a prequel for Justice League, and the film knows it. And with the recently released trailers for Justice League and Wonder Woman, fans are slowly starting to be won over again.

Anyway, the change in styles between those two films and this new Suicide Squad film, got fans excited; especially with a new director, tone and trailers that used tunes like Bohemian Rhapsody and Ballroom Blitz. Hell something new from a DC film that’s not Batman or Superman, plus given how fun the two trailers were. How could this fail? Can this film finally win over audiences and critics a like towards DC’s film universe?  God damn it!


Well let’s do this. Taking place after Batman v Superman, the government grow concerned over the possibility of other super powered brings on earth. Thus Amanda Waller (played by Viola Davis) sets up a team of criminals with skills ranging from weaponry, combat and even magic; as they’re ordered to do missions for the government, and not activate the bombs implement in their heads; in return for lower prison sentences. Their first mission leads to the group having to stop a rouge squad member, a woman known as Enchantress, as the group fight for their survival and freedom against her and her demonic brother.

Despite the flack i gave Batman v Superman early this year, for its ridiculous amount of characters; here the story is much more focused. Each character feels relevant to the story, and their given the opportunity to interact with each other and the world around them. The cast themselves have great chemistry with each other, as the group start to open up and slowly start to work together. Quickly establishing their characters, and allowing the actors to get on with the story. Will Smith and Marggot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Dead Shot being a good example. I enjoyed their scenes together;  as it was interesting watching Smith’s cynical smart ass, interact with the crazy but tough as nails chick of Harley Quinn; who Robbie captures excellently, making her fun to have on-screen. The rests of the cast do great with their roles as well; Rick Flag and Enchantress’ scenes were good, making you understand the conflict of their relationship (long story) with Joel Kinnerman doing a great job as a Sargent who’s just trying to keep the squad in order.

Jai Courtney really surprised me as the loud mouth Captain Boomerang; with this being the guy’s best performance since….um….One of the biggest surprises for me was Jay Hernandez as El Diablo. The guy is great as the more sympathetic character who doesn’t want to fight or use his powers really; in fact for this type of story, his only there because he was dragged into it by Waller, more on her later, and his back story is a really great pay of for his arch. If this is how the guy is like in the comics, i’m really interested to learn about the character. But for me the best performance was Davis as Amanda Waller, the lady excellently pulls of the cold, manipulative, cynic that gets under the squad’s skin; as she “persuades them” into joining the fight. She greatly captures the character of the comics. But that said, the rest of the main cast are pretty wasted,Slipknot is only there to prove Waller’s point, Killer Croc and Katana only get a few lines of dialogue, they’re mainly there to be in the battle scenes; with her just showing up as the group heads out to Midway City. And despite the amount of marketing featuring this guy, The Joker is barely in the film. He has a subplot with Harley, and then his gone for the rest of the film; which sad because it’s clear that Jared Leto can do a very good Joker, i like what he does with the character. Please let him be the villain for Ben Afleck’s Batman film.

So despite the large amount of characters, the story didn’t feel forced or blogged down like Dawn of Justice. The film quickly establishes the character’s past, their skills and that their now in prison. The plot is tightly focused on its characters and it’s goals, and it always knows where it’s going throughout the run time. With each character having one moment to shine as a character, or show of in the excellent fight scenes. The choreography from the actors is superb, its fast paced with the characters giving a variety of fighting styles making the scenes look and feel fun to watch. All this with very good CGI on the creatures that serve Enchantress. As for the CG on her brother, it’s….noticeable; in particularly the face they give him. But all of the editing, the makeup, the production design is just excellently made with very good designs and attention to detail. Plus the film has a very good soundtrack throughout; ranging from artist such as: Eminem, Black Sabbath, and many more, which fits the tone of the very well. In particularly Dead Shot’s try outs set to Black Skinhead by Kanye West.

But, the one major thing I’ll say about the story, going back it, the plot isn’t really original. The plan of Enchantress and her brother is basically: “We were trapped for centuries by the mortal humans, so watch as we take vengeance upon them.” Yeah it isn’t exactly the most creative plots ever as most story’s that feature a trapped demon usually involve him pulling a revenge plot on someone, or the rest of the world. Enchantress was probably the weakest character, when she’s on her own. But overall, DC and Warner Brothers has stepped up in terms running a DC Cinematic universe, as this by far the best film they’ve done so far in the DCEU. With well written characters performed by a great cast, fun action that looks amazing on the big screen, all within a tightly focused story that constantly knows where it’s going despite a large amount of characters where some are more shown than others; but do have enough back story and development to make you interested in what’s happening.

So yeah, DC is fun again. As much as I liked the previous two films despite any flaws, this is a major step up, and would highly recommend despite the story being done before multiple times, that would’ve benefited with some tweaks and polishing; ending up with some characters better developed than others. But DC, more fun films like this please!

Eight out of ten.

Thank you for your time.

Review: Ghostbusters (2016) Another remake on the pile

  So after a disastrous marketing campaign, the remake of Ghostbusters has finally arrived in cinemas. A lot has changed since my blog on the subject. For one thing the cast went from being mostly silent to at least willing to talk to Graham Norton and Ellen DeGeneres, yet again word on the street (or Internet) is that after multiple on set arguments the cast were legally required to not bad mouth the film, due to Sony not wanting a repeat of Josh Trank’s meltdown during his time on Fantastic Four back in 2015. And given the stuff that went down….can’t say I blame them. Secondly the “all haters of this film are woman hating, basement dwelling, neck bearded, lifeless, Trump supporting (really) friendless misogynist” line of defence has gotten so out of control, to the point  where a female YouTuber like Comicbookgirl19 can bash the trailer and go unscathed, despite outright boycotting the film. Meanwhile James Rolfe can simply say he won’t review the film, and somehow make headlines in the process. Screenshot (2).pngHell Melissa McCarthy (and now recently Leslie Jones) went from regularly slagging the film’s director of to her friends and crew mates; to now labelling the trailer’s detractors as sexist so often you’d expect her to be preaching this stuff from her Tumblur account given her body shape. Come at me feminist! Oh and Fall Out Boy released a cover of the original Ghostbusters theme (because) with Missy Elliot (for some reason). So now the film is finally here; how does the birth / potential death of Sony’s Ghostbusters’ cinematic universe pan out?

Being a remake of an old film, the story is not much different in the new film. We follow three scientists: Abby, Erin, Jullian and Patty, the group’s token black Ghostbuster. As they set up their business hunting ghost. The main difference (outside of the cast) is the change of villains. Instead of Gozer, a demon crossing our dimension to enslave us all; we instead get Rowan, a guy suffering from the same condition as the kid from The Sixth Sense, as he builds a machine to summon ghost, as he uses them to take control of New York after becoming a ghost himself. Yep turns out the Reddit leak was more accurate than we thought, despite the dis jointed writing.

Now then the elephant in the room, the cast. They’re good. They’re competent actors that work with what they’re given, and they work well together. That said, if you’ve seen any of the leads act in anything, They are basically doing that again. If you’ve seen McCarthy and Wigg in Bridesmaids, Spy or the such; not a lot has changed as they are just playing themselves really, as per their other work. Wigg is the awkward straight woman, McCarthy is the rude wise crack (to the point that she’s just redoing her character from The Heat), and Jones is the sassy black chick. On that subject, SONY! If you’re going to preach about how progressive you are to your audience; why did you cast the black woman as the stereotypical, sassy, loud black lady? She’s only on the team due to her street smarts, and will loudly scream her lines every other chance she gets, in an attempt to be sassy. No wonder the Social Justice Warriors of the Internet ate the trailers up, it wears hypocrisy like a fancy hat, as they do. To the point where the people involved talk about how the all female cast shows their progressive side; in a story where every male character falls on the spectrum of jackass (e.g Rowan and the mayor) or dumb-ass like Chris Hemsworth’s character. You get the feeling that the film is punishing the guy for being the funniest character in the film by making him one chromosome away from a short bus and a drawl bucket.

On a more calmer note, while the three do well as their characters, Kate McKinnon is trying to pull of the tom-boy-ish tough girl, she does well at it. Her moments were the most fun to watch, particularly the end fight in Time Square. It’s her and Chris Hemsworth that are the comedic heights of the film; even if his jokes all ended being: “ha, isn’t he dumb?!” Their timing and their material were the comedic high lights, while the other jokes are just….meh. I will also say that Jones is probably best written as a character, because while the rest of team are pretty much fearless to the point where the only time they experience fear towards a ghost, is the opening at the mansion. Meanwhile Jones as Patty naturally is scared at the start; and then braves up throughout the story. In a cast of exaggerated performances, she’s the most realistic character.

But the problems are mostly due to the script than the actors who say them; at most, the rest of the jokes will make you chuckle. However i will give the script some pros when it comes to the more serious aspects; such the action and scenes with the ghost. Which just make the film a bit disjointed, as in between those moments, the film is mostly busy trying to crack jokes after one liners. Some better than others.

One other element of the trailer that got torn apart upon the release was the effects that range from weak to “oh good god there are games on the original Xbox that look better than this”! That being said upon seeing the final film, they are well animated and are detailed nicely. But it’s the rending that’s holding it back, making each ghost look like the love child of a neon glow stick, and the rejects of The Haunted Mansion ride. When compared to the live action actors, it’s just embarrassing to see the two contrasting against each other makes it more obvious. However the practical elements, such as the props, the costumes and the like were done well and look good; same with the editing and cinematography

Now given how this is a remake, of course call backs to the original were inevitable; and compared to the rest of the film, they stick out like saw thumbs. I already talked about how the original cast are legal obligated to show up….i mean appear in cameos. With Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson having the best ones, as they are relevant to the events around the cast. While Sigourney Weaver is just there, and Dan Akyrod’s cameo just wants to make bang my head against a wall given how forced it was. And the forced nostalgia keeps on going. As not only do the original cast return, not only do they re harsh elements of the first film’s plot, not only do they force characters like Slimer and The Stay Puff Marsh Mellow Man into it; but they repeat the ending of the first film. Note for note, and the characters don’t take any notice until Rowan starts to attack them; it’s that shameless.

And speaking of Rowan, he was the low point for me. As a villain he isn’t interesting; as he falls under revenge motive #446, the picked on, bullied loner. Now that’s a lame motivation, but he spends his time monologing his motives to himself/ the audience; because having that be explained through the narrative was too difficult without pulling a Frank Underwood…i guess. Also can i just say how the guy has he fastest decent to omnipotence i think I’ve seen in a film. As he starts making stuff himself, to entering god mode by the time the third act arrives. Do you want to know why, so would i. Oh can i just that Rowan’s final fight has the worst effects in the film, with his ghost form looking as fake as it did in the trailers.

In conclusion as much as we may or may not have bashed the trailer, discovered the behind the scenes mess, and called out Sony for actively shaming and bullying the demographic they need to see the film. Yeah Sony, turns out if you get criticism from the fan base of an existing franchise you’re working on, and then label said criticism as bigotry; well then you shouldn’t be shocked that you drove away the people who were going to give you the money you wanted. So is it bad? No. Is it good?  Meh….While it has its good moments and the cast being one of the highlights of the film. It is just OK; but I fear that the back lash will probably be the most significant thing to come out the film.

Five out of ten.

Thank you for your time.

Think It Through #4 : Snap Chat Attention Seekers 

Welcome to the four installment of ‘Think It Through’, the series where I poke holes in the logic of things that don’t seem to run on any logic.

And boy does today’s topic make little sense.

Image result for snap chat logoI like the app Snap Chat. It’s fine app where you can chat with friends, show people what’s happening in your life, show what you had to eat at that time of the day, as well as send dick pics from the comfort of your bed; I don’t partake in said actions, shut up, but I don’t judge either. Now this isn’t really about the app, it’s about a certain type of person you’ll see using it. And believe it or not, it’s not the dick pic people, I don’t really take issue with those people….”insert your own joke here”; I said rolling my eyes in the process. But back on point, this habit I’ve seen often with people I’m friends with on the app; and it really get on my nerves, and it makes me want to punch the person who made me feel this way.

So let’s set the scene, and I’m sure it’s familiar to some people; so here we go: I lay down on my bed to relax. To which I then hear the Snap Chat notification sound. So I grab my phone, load the app, and I see I have a snap sent directly to me from a mate. So I open it, only to find a random selfie of the person who messaged me saying something about the image in the caption. Which leaves me confused as this never mentioned me, or was I involved in anyway; but whatever I move on. Only to go to the stories feature of the app, I tap on that same mate’s story; only to find that exact image in their story.

What the hell is this?! What was the point of sending that image directly to my messages, if you’re also going to add it to the feature that literally shares it with everyone whose friends with you on the app? That is such an attention whore thing to do. And why go to the trouble of finding my name on the app’s message feature, when you have the feature I just described earlier, because you feared I wouldn’t notice you? Is the response from your friends worth the extra time?

Snap Chat stories have a list feature that shows who saw your story after it’s been published. So despite that, I know people who are actually willing to send an image to the entirety of their friends list in order for them to see their image. Why? Listen, the app does allow users to view people’s stories multiple times after being first opened, so if you want us to see it again; for some reason, we’ll decide to do that, or we’ll screen shot the damn thing if you want to see it more than once. But given some of stuff I see from those people, not likely.

To said people, if made a forty word Facebook status about…something, you pick the topic, it’s you’re imagination that’s setting the scenario. Anyway, if you spent the time reading that, only to find that exact block of text in you’re message notifications (without mentioning or referencing you by the way) would your first response by something about asking me what the point was? Exactly, yes it would. So if that scenario sounded stupid to you, well a change in platform doesn’t make you less of an idiot!

That’s annoying enough, but do realize the effect that’ll have on everyone else. Not only will they see you as a dick for doing that, but your name in the notifications will be taken less seriously. Because with you, Snap Chat has turned to relevance roulette. Because when the app say you sent me a message; I no longer think about what important news that person wants to tell me, but rather if the image is going to be the sandwich he had for lunch that day. Thanks for not only wasting precious seconds of my life, but also a minute of yours.

Think it through!

Thank you for your time.

Think It Through #1 : Silent Letters

Have you ever seen something that doesn’t make sense to you, something that seems really questionable, and yet everyone else is excepting it?  Well this is the subject of this blog; or rather future blogs. As I’ve decided to open up a new segment on this blog called Think It Through, or T.I.T for short. Stop laughing! Through this segment, i shall be looking over things in the world that flat out make no sense and poke holes in their logic, all in a comedic (i hope) way. So let’s begin.

So i’m sure at some point in your life you’ve had difficulties spelling words. Very common mistake, right? Sure you have, I’ve certainly had my moments. And the one thing i find the most pointless thing i find about spelling, is silent letters. Seriously they’re like the flower vases someone pleases around the house to make the room look nicer. If a letter is gong to be featured, why would you not prononce…. oh sorry “pronounce” it? Trust me there’s more examples to come. In any case the whole process of not saying a featured word, it’s like buying a game for a video game console you don’t own, nor intend to buy.

A good example is Wednesday. If you look at the word, it looks like it should be said as Wed-nes-day. But no as we all know, it’s pronounced as Wens-day; do you see how pointless the D and second E are? Another example is plumber; you would think with the included B, you’d say it as “Plum-ber”. But no, the B is silent, meaning it pronounced plumber. Because for some reason the person who created them words; or the person who created the concept of silent letters, thinks that it makes their words look all fancy  and stuff. Oh how can we not forget about the K when it’s silent; because K is a repeat offender in all this. Take the word knight for example, when the royalty member that created the  role an knight to protect the kingdom, did they not realize that an extra letter to the name doesn’t show the higher class over the people they ruled over; the armor and clothes did that job.

It’s the same issue with knee. When the doctor that mapped out and researched all of the medical research on the knee area of the leg, did that person write knee as we do today or did he or someone else convince them do do it in an attempt to impress their piers in the medical world? You discovered how the human leg works, surely that should’ve given you enough praise for your research. Am i the only one who noticed that K is automatically silent when next to the letter N? Think about it: knight, kneel, knee and knowledge. All of them start with a silent K and are then followed by N. Apparently N is the playground bully, while K is the wimpy kid who keeps quite in order to not be tossed in to the nearest dumpster.

And while were on the subject, how many times does P get picked on by many different letters? Look at this: Pneumonia, Pterodactyl, and Psychology. Unlike K where there’s a clear pattern. P’s use of being silent is just random, especially when being next to letters like N, T and S. All three of those words start with different sounds, and a silent P. How bad is P social skills? Or maybe P has a crush on all three of those letters and is just to shy to admit it. I never knew letters could identify with the Mormon church.

And then you have cases of letters replacing other letters, despite the sound of the word’s starting point. Urge is an example of this. Given the “er” sound in the beginning, i thought it was spelled “erge”; sounds reasonable right? But as you saw earlier, it is spelled with a silent U at the beginning; because reasons. Going back to P again, i already explained it’s often used as a silent letter. But that doesn’t explain why putting it and the letter H together, makes an “fuh” sound. Ph=F. No sense has been made here. It appears that when the two letters come together, they fade away into nothing and become silent; and yet during this process, they then merge together and start to do a Megazord style transformation that results in them becoming the letter F…some how. Case and point: Phil, photograph and phrase. All three could be be replaced with the letter F at the start, i mean they already sound they do start with F. Why are these two letters pretending to be something they’re not?

In conclusion, silent letters are the bow ties of the English alphabet: in the sense that it’s used in the attempt to make a word look smarter than it is. Secondly, we need to improve whatever issues the letter K and N have going on between each other. Thirdly if P and H were people, they would be in jail for multiple accounts of identity theft. And finally, silent letters are something the creator of the concept should’ve looked back on; and decided to think it through. As i child gramma…sorry “grammar” and the English subject was difficult enough, and all of this wasn’t helping. In the words of Homer Simpson. “You can’t change the rules in the middle of the game!” Again people, think it through.

Thank you for your time.

My experiences with autism

After recently going to London to watch the play ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ (try saying ten times fast) I was planning to write a review of it, like I did with The Light Princess a while back. However given the subject of the play, I decided to write about my experiences as someone who is on the autism spectrum. Because after seeing the play, it really did make me do quite a lot of thinking, in terms how I’ve coped in the world, compared to others like me. Note that autism affects people in different ways, some cases being worst or better than others. This isn’t the be all end all on the subject. This is just my experiences, along with  an analysis of the story, showing how the story represents autism and other conditions from the point of view of someone with said condition.

But first and quick catch up to those who haven’t seen the play. Based on the book by Mark Haddon, the play (I’ll keep calling it given how long the title is) follows a teenage boy named Christopher Boone, a fifteen year old character with Aspergers Syndrome. After finding the dog of his neighbor dead in the garden, he investigates and searches for the person who did killed the dog named Wellington. During this process he uncovers some dark truths about his family and his parents. That’s about as much I can say before giving the whole story away; also I need to mention how the majority of his inner thoughts are told from a journal he writes in, with it narrated by his teaching assistant named Siobhan. Caught up is what you are.

Now then I bring up my own autism experiences in relation to Christopher, because well I see parts of myself in him, for better or for worst. For one thing during the first act he explains how he struggles with understanding metaphors, people’s facial expressions such as raised eyebrows and how his pretty much is a logical and literal thinker. I admit that I have a straight forward way of thinking, always trying to find the most sense out of, well anything I look at or experience. Example, for a while I spelled the word ‘urge’ with a ‘er’ at the beginning due to the sound that’s used to pronounce them. That always made sense to me until someone corrected me. As a child understanding new things was certainly a challenge from time to time. Whether it’d be a subject at school, an event or a task I was asked to do. Which was why I had tutors to help me through primary and even my first years at high school; like Christopher does. This is quite common for people with similar cases.

Then there is his social skills, or lack there of. And this was the point in the show where I started to relate to the character. Throughout the play Christopher is shy when talking to many different people, he barely looks at people when talking (especially strangers) , along with how he likes spend time on his own. As a child in pre-school, I often failed to look at people when they talked to me, at least according to my mum. In any case I also attended speech therapy during those years, which has certainly helped, and I even still keep in contact with the woman I had the meetings with. This links to another trait of developing with autism as a baby, lack of response to parents. However there some traits I still have; anyone who knows me knows that I’m quite and I keep to myself. While I can interact with people, I never usually know what to say to them, I often feel uncomfortable when speaking because i don’t know what to say when stating a lot of the time. Plus I often mess up what I’m saying when talking, due to my nerves kicking in, so that doesn’t help.

Which is why I loved doing drama at high school, the whole point was that we had express our emotions and lines clearly and confidently, so this has helped me quite a bit in my life. But also when it comes to drama clubs and the such, pretty much everyone try’s to make each other laugh during activities like improvisation and the such. And I have to admit in those activities it did make me more willing to say or do something and not look like a damn fool, no matter how clever or how stupid.

That said while i like interacting and seeing people, i often feel the most comfortable on my own; no judgment, no distractions, just me and whatever thing that kept me busy. Christopher is most of the time alone during his monologues, with the exceptions of Siobhan reading his journal to the audience with him addressing her every so often. And during multiple scenes of the first act, his seen setting up a model train set on the floor; with multiple letters from his mother explaining how he loved playing with the train set. And as a young kid i did often prefer the comfort of playing with action figures rather than meeting the other kids….well depending on who i was set to meet that day. And i can say i still have the same habit, only with my phone and my Ipad, because well it’s less stressful situation.

Then we get to the second act where to make a long story short; Christopher goes to meet his mother by taking a train and then the London Underground by himself. Part of the scene can be viewed here, sorry about the quality. Notice how the beginning was loud, busy and flat-out chaotic? Depending on the persons condition, some people with Autism, Aspergers and the such do tend to be effected by loud and crowded situations, due to them often being more sensitive; in what is usually called “Sensory Sensitivity”.  Some cases being more painful for the person than others, with sounds often mashing together into one big mess. Which is the point of that scene, using the busy day-to-day life of the Underground as a way showing part of his condition. With the people, adverts, tannoy systems and the loud techno track showing how it affects Christopher. And while I’ve never broken down like Christopher and many other people like him; I will admit when it comes to events like parties and the such, i do like a little get away from the noise when i want some peace and quite, and i usually have the urge to leave and go home during the later hours….depending on how the rest of the day went. And I’m often hopeless when doing something new without assistance.

Do you see what I’m getting across with drawing connections between Christopher Boone and myself? Many people would identify with a fictional character or real life person; whether they want to be like them, have things in common with them or see bits of themselves in that character. This is a similar case with me, I connected with Christopher as i experienced and shown similar traits in my life; and given how it’s done in a respectful way, it makes me all the more conformable connecting with a like able character like him and feel for him during the story. And that’s why the play works in terms of the issues it addresses. It’s done in a respectful way that gives anyone watching a clear understanding of what life’s like for him, without over explaining, exaggerating or simplifying it. With the staging and incredible effects helping to show what goes on in the characters head. And the all around great performances from the actors, showing how Christopher acts in his life, but how people around him react to his condition; especially his parents.

I do recommend seeing the play. Great story, great acting, amazing effects, and you may even learn a thing or two. I certainly did.

Thank you for your time.

Am i a Feminist?

“Some people’s idea of free speech is to say what they like, but if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage”- Sir Winston Churchill.

Depending on who you here it from, you may be aware of how many people have turned against or refuse to label themselves as feminist. There are groups such Women Against Feminism and the Men’s Right Movement. Not to mention the low popularity of feminism is on sites like Twitter and YouTube. This has led to many people such as Christina Hoff Summers, Milo Yiannopoulos and Phil Mason to become well-known examples of people challenging modern feminism or adopting the term “anti feminist”.

 So why do people like myself decide to go against modern and third wave feminism? It’s simple really, like most people who came to their conclusion, I looked into many different feminist groups and spokes people; and i had to cringe at what i was hearing. With claims such as: how we live in a rape culture in the first world, how women are refused to be employed in different fields of work, how certain words can be emotionally scaring to women, how men need to be taught not rape etc. And then from there, my opinions became more negative given the tactics they’ve been pulling in the name of the cause. Censorship of critics, fear mongering their audience, redefining words and meanings to suit their arguments, exaggerated statistics on women’s harassment, false claims of discrimination such as the wage gap (if you want to see my views) the refusal to acknowledge serious issues towards men and the overall endless search of something new to be offended at.

This didn’t appeal to me as it mostly devolved into an emotional campaign over whatever idea said feminist had to say that week. And as a man of logic and show don’t tell reasoning, i didn’t want anything to do with these people, since the majority of them were self titleing themselves as glowing examples of their movement. With said statements and members being mostly made of white, middle class women living in first world countries like England and America. With their arguments mostly being built on the foundation of: “I’m offended, that’s sexist, ban this filth, please feel sorry for victims like me.”

It’s reasons like this why I and many others opposed the movement. “But wait” i hear you replying, “are you aware of the dictionary definition of the word feminism”? Indeed i am, in fact it’s even been used by multiple feminist as a get out of jail free card for their actions. “This isn’t a hate group where we pick on men, the dictionary says so.” Speaking of the dictionary definition; here it is.

“Feminism: The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes”. – Oxford Dictionary.

And i would support that,  but why would i support women’s rights and freedoms and be against a group designed to gain that one thing? Well you see a community is made of large amounts of people all of which having their own views on the matters the group supports. Which makes it all the more reasonable to voice your disagreement with any believe or person that can be or has identified with the group that is being spoken for. Most feminist groups don’t do that.

Watch the speech here.

Many well-known feminist like Anita Sarkessian and Zoe Quinn would support actions like censorship, to the point that they went to the UN in 2015 to promote laws against criticism…..uh, I mean “harassment and hate speech”. Hell Rebecca Watson and the website Free Thought Blogs are arguably the earliest examples of feminist labeling their critics of the movement as “pro rape misogynist” for critically analyzing claims or asking proof of said claims. With Free Thought Blog members even being shamed and kicked of the site for speaking out against the people who ran the site.

If I support the equality of the sexes, do i still consider myself a anti feminist; i do. In fact as far as i know you’ll never usually hear someone claim to be anti-feminist and be against the equality of men and women. And neither would i, i disagree with that 200%. I’m against discrimination in the same way I’m against the forceful thinking I’ve been describing so far. Two wrongs don’t make a right; and cruel behavior shouldn’t be a way of responding to cruel behavior such as sexism, harassment and gender discrimination. I don’t agree with using force to validate my beliefs in the eyes of others. I bring up the feminist definition because it’s still a valid ideology. I support the advocacy of rights and the equality of both genders. That includes freedom of opinions, ownership of property, the right to self defend ones self; i hope you get the picture.

I mentioned the Men’s Rights Activist Movement in the beginning, and while I’ve never identified as part of the group; i do support the idea of the cause. That being the rights of men and discussions on issues facing many men in the world such as: abuse victims, high suicide rates of men, gender bias of family courts etc.
So what’s the difference between them and feminist? I have more respect for that movement because they call for the freedom of rights for their gender and attention to issues effecting them. Meanwhile the more noticeable feminist online and in the media are more intent to push their agenda through force; through censoring critics, protesting to have things changed, insulting people they disagree with as misogynist or privileged scum. With this effecting many business and universities across America, the gaming industry being regularly bullied by Social Justice and Feminist groups for whole number of reasons. While members of the MRAM can be self-centered from my experience, they usually don’t beg or force the government to increase taxes in order to change the world to make things better for women.

So what’s my point? I support the individual freedom of everybody; because mandatory freedom in the name of one group is undoubtedly going to cause problems for everyone else, and it has. If you want to change minds allow them to be changed freely, and state we should do this because of this beneficial reason, not do so or else. But that’s just the way I see it; discussion would be a great thing in order to grow or fix the flaws of a movement, instead of sticking to what the group knows, change nothing and aspect everyone else to fit in with you.

Either way that’s it, I’ve said my piece and cleared my conscience. In the most basic form; I’m not a feminist, but i support the advocacy of rights and the equality of both genders. But that’s what think, what do you think. Am I onto something good and meaningful? is there a better way of doing things than that? Or am I just going to be called a patriarchal misogynist? If you found this interesting, you may enjoy the works of these individuals, that have rightly spoken out against the shameful acts of misandry and bigotry; all done in the name of equality and freedom of speech. And I’ll list them at the bottom.

Thank you for your time.

Fine individuals:

Phil Mason (Thunderf00t)

Christina Hoff Summers

Sargon of Akkad

Ceara McCord



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Jordan Owen 42



The gender wage gap: must be funny in a rich man’s world:

wage gapNote: Before we start I’d like to mention that i’m  a supporter of women’s rights, equality and i feel that the issues of both genders are important. However just because i said this , it doesn’t mean i agree with everything said by all feminist; this isn’t a black or white right or wrong subject. I’m simply pointing out the large holes and flat out incorrect data in this particular feminist belief. With that said here we go.
If you listen to a debate about feminism, you’re bound to hear the mentioning of the “gender wage gap” between men and women at some point. For those who don’t know what this is; the argument is a long and boring song with many cover artist, but the basic tune is this: according to most studies, women in countries like England and America will make 75 cents, for every dollar a man earns in a day. Depending on the currency and the country, but it’s basically: Most women make around 75% of what men do per day in the work force.
You may be thinking “how the hell is this possible?! This is a society where women can drive, vote and choose what ever career they want to. In a political correct society such as England, how is there not one law preventing this? Calm down. There are many laws and bills preventing this; the Equal Pay Act of 1963 in the US being one of them. The Equal pay act of 1970 in UK being another; along with pay discrimination is an arrest-able offence world-wide.
Even then that “women make 75 cents of every dollar men do” myth. That’s simply not true. Studies show that if you take all of the total yearly earnings of every man in countries like America, and do the same for all working women; you’ll find that the total amount for women is 15% lower than the total amount of money of all those men.
Well there’s clearly a gap there ;surely that should proof that this is a serious issue right that is caused by discrimination as one set of figures is higher than another right? Wrong.
Mainly because studies used by people who believe in the wage gap idea don’t take many elements of the working lives of people into a count. For example, as pointed out by the BBC, more men work in full-time (9-5) jobs, while the majority of women work in part-time jobs. Full time ranging from: doctors, construction workers, scientist etc. While some of the lower paying and part time job roles include: nurses, teachers, child care, cleaning work have a higher percentage of female workers, and don’t pay as highly due to short work hours. So basically men are working longer than most women do; in more difficult task.
Women don’t make less money, they earn less money because the amount from a wide range and quantity of jobs are bound to end up creating different end results. The job market is a very diverse one, with many different requirements needed, along with working hours and of course different wages.There are other factors not mentioned here. Such as which gender works the longest hours (again men), time taken off work (women, with 43% of women leaving to have children), over time (men) multiple jobs and how much what jobs pay. Do you think a woman working in McDonald’s earns as much if not more money than a rocket scientist?
In short the whole reason there’s any sort of gap, is because of the career choices women make, and taking time to raise children can also have an effect on how much they earn and the position of their job. And yet that argument is thrown back as sexist because “it’s labeling women as the problem” because why wouldn’t working women effect their own wages in any way? In fact their percent on the graph I linked earlier is low because of the choices they made, for the same reason male percentage is so high.
So you’d think the best way to fix the “problem” is to get more women in typically male roles, enroll them into colleges and classes that specialize in said jobs. Maybe but studies have shown that classes that specializes in said subjects say otherwise, less than half of the students were female; with even fewer students graduating the courses. While classes that deal with child care, hair dressing and animal work has higher female student rates. I guess some stereotypes exist for a reason.
Source: Why Do People Hate Feminism #3 by Sargon of Akkad:

While I’m all for women making whatever choices that they want to do, even if it involves construction or plumbing. The fact is that this demographic of women wanting those jobs is a very small and very niche market. Hence why you see more men in those jobs, it makes more sense to look for the highest amount of people when seeking new workers. Back to the point. Even when controlling these factors, the result is still woman earning less. With a man and a woman in the same education and career path; you’ll find the woman making 98% of what the man earns at minimal. So that gap starts getting smaller.
Given how many people online and in the media such as: Laci Green, Steve Shives, John Oliver and Barack Obama and many others like to promote this idea; what do they suggest, in terms of fixing the problem? Short answer nothing. From what I’ve seen, most people who believe in the wage gap, don’t seem to have any suggestions let alone ideas to solve the issue, nor explanations of why this has become a problem in the first place. The most I’ve seen is just suggesting how it’s fueled by misogyny, sexism and patriarchy; as if we are living in the world of They Live, and they all have the special sun glasses and now see the world for what it is. Because suggesting that all business owners, managers or anyone in the financial business are sexist for the pure hell of it, is totally not offensive at all.
Other than that, you’ll find articles and blogs expressing displeasure over “too few women in stem fields”. Which would help, but this is the case due to not many women eating that position; and not because people in these jobs are telling them to sling their hook. It is all the more annoying, given how reversing the numbers and put women before men would be the only way the numbers of the yearly earnings for women would increase. Promote all nurse to doctors, forcing women into a manual labor job they may not want. And to pay women more than men, no more matter the job. Because that seems fair.
To think how this is promoted as issue of female inequality; and yet the only way to solve it, is to treat one gender higher than the other….or to flat-out say how women in child care, nursing and raising their own kids and families are holding all women back. I would’ve sworn that feminism was about women getting the right to do as they please, not suggesting how they’re the problem.
Actually I take it back. While i mentioned how a lot of women aren’t doing jobs like engineering and similar jobs. I do feel that if there are women who want to take a career path in that sort of work; let them. The same encourage meant should be given to men who want to leave the work force to raise children. In fairness if we take the factors of how men and women live and switch it around; maybe the yearly amount will start evening out. But really i can’t take the people who believe this stuff seriously, because of how simplistic a world view it is. They’ll simply preach about how women are suffering under the male dominated corporations that need to be replaced with women because of their lack of inclusion; without explaining how this is a thing, why it’s a thing, nor do they suggest ways to make things better. I know business managers will only allow a plan to go through if it saves them some money, but blocking out 50% of the job market does not sound like a viable plan to make more money.
In fact if women are the lowest paid demographic, wouldn’t the male percentage be in the damn toilet; because if all women are paid less, wouldn’t bosses hire an all female staff to save on money? Just saying. This is a very destructive world view, as the women who fall for this, are now growing up believing they live in a world that hates them; without even knowing why. That they are fine individuals that live in a world where a large group of people (in this case men) are holding them back from their full potential; or as other people may know this method as propaganda.
So what have we learned? Well that while there is a small gap between the money men and women earn; and it’s in the amount each gender makes in a year. Secondly is how said small gap is the result of the choices in career paths both genders make. I’m all for what ever career path people want to take; it’s just that with a variety of jobs that both genders operate in; the total daily wage is going to be different depending on the work and duration. And finally it has nothing to do with sexism; nor is the government creating the gap to hold women back, and their certainly not doing this on purpose.
But hey, disagree with me all you like, and say how what like. Call my a sexist pig all you want; i can take criticism. But if you’re going to judge my points. Think about what version of the world seems likely to you. Do you believe that: we live in a fair and gender balanced society, that gives both genders the same opportunities and means to get the jobs they want; and let the amount of money earned at the end of the day, be reflected by their career path. Or do you think that: all bankers and business owners everywhere secretly hate women, and are paying women less, because all men who aren’t feminist are sexist by default, even if she works the exact same hours and work as a male co-worker.
Which version of reality seems the most plausible to you?
Before i sign off, I’d like to share some sources that might interest you
The first video: Learn Liberty
The full video i showed earlier by Sargon of Akkad:
And finally, a video by Christina Hoff Summers; a feminist Youtuber i highly recommend listening to.
Thank you for your time.

Review: Sam Smith’s Writing’s On The Wall (Spectre theme)

For a while now, the new James Bond film Spectre has been advertising itself with trailers and multiple set photos released onto the internet. But also today the official theme song that will be playing over the opening title sequence (the standard of 007 movies) of the film. As a fan of the Bond series i feel like i should make some comment over the recent news about the new theme; this blog does say that i would talk about movies in the description.

I could talk about the meaning of Spectre itself, but there are already videos on Youtube and stuff over the internet explaining this, and their connection to the new Daniel Craig 007 series (Casino Royale,Quantum of Solace and Skyfall for those not in the know) So for the sake those not that far in the know about Bond; i’ll leave a link to Bandit Incorporated’s video on the topic.

 In the meantime i shall discuss my feelings to the new theme song released today. Sam Smith’s Writing’s On The Wall…if you haven’t read the title of this post. For those who don’t know; Sam Smith is a British soul and pop singer; who first gained attention with the release of the song Latch in 2012 which he did along side with the band called Disclosure.  After that his gained major popularity with a solo carrier producing songs such as: Money One My Mind, Stay With Me; which in turn led him to win four awards at the 2015 Grammy music awards. So before we start, what do i feel about Sam Smith? His OK. Admittedly the man has talent and is a well skilled singer and pianist. But i just never really got into him; with some exceptions. I felt his’ mostly just stuck to emotional piano ballets for a large portion of his musical career; again his good at it; but i fell he could try something other than the slow style he always seems to do. If you like him, good for you don’t let me turn you away from what you like; he’s just not my cup of tea.

Which brings us on to Writing’s On The Wall. Now i have to confess on how i was skeptical about the choice of Smith to do the theme song; but hey multiple Bond themes have been ballets and and less energetic tunes. Said songs including ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ and Adele’s ‘Skyfall’. So is this song any good for a James Bond movie? Kind of. It’s decent..i guess.

Yeah that seems to be the general reaction this song has got on the internet. Channel 5 news went to the Bond in Motion exhibit in London (a exhibit i highly recommend going to by the way) where they played to the track to people who went there; in order to film their reactions. And the majority of people said it was ‘alright’. Not exactly a great sign there. Honestly for a Bond theme i find this one kind of dull. As i said about Sam;  his vocals are well performed, while the music and the melody are lacking.

The most i can really call this song, is Skyfall 2.0. Mainly due to how their both vocal based ballets. So we now have the theme to Skyfall with a male singing this time. While the music behind that tune was decent; this track is rather dull and almost lifeless even by Sam’s standards. The beat mostly goes through with a simple piano chords and a short melody, with changes in their chord and rhythm patterns; and even then it still goes at the same pace, with the verses being unmemorable to listen. With the exception of the intro and the second half of the chorus, the whole song sounds the same. The whole thing separating the chorus from everything else is the change of pacing and the volume and Sam’s voice.

His vocals being the saving point of this whole track, but not by much. The song itself is really bland and is flat out boring. This is the theme to a action movie; no one should’ve fallen asleep by the first ten minutes. While Sam in tune, and does show concomitant vocals skills; given the note and volume changes in the chorus, it’s less of a emotionally high point and more of a a tempt to wake the listener up.

Overall while i am still excited to see Spectre when it’s released in cinemas, i can’t say i will be too pumped to continue on wards when this is the pay of after the first action scene (With the exception of Dr No it’s usually the first scene, then the opening credits). I wanted to give Sam a chance despite what i said about him early, i wanted to say: “yes this is really damn good, and i think this guy’s on to something here”. And while i’m still all for you disagreeing with me on the quality of his work; but for me instead of challenging my thoughts on the guy, his now given me a key example of what i said about him several paragraphs ago.

If you’d like to listen to his track, it can be found on Spotify and on Youtube; as all ways thank you for reading.