Think It Through #3 : Red Heads.

Welcome to the third installment of Think It Through, the series where I poke holes in the logic of things that don’t seem to run on any logic.

A while ago I wrote about my experiences as someone who is autistic; with one of my habits relating to the disorder was seeing things such as phrases as literal or often not see the alternate meaning. So this could be a case of me taking things way too seriously than i probably should do. So make your mind up about whether this is an interesting question, or the ramblings of an idiot with bad social skills.

Anyway, I’m sure we’re all aware of people with ginger hair, or as they’re more commonly known, as ‘red heads’. But here’s the thing, their hair isn’t red. As you can clearly see, this example is a bright orange, making this a woman with ginger hair. There go not a red-head. I mean yes you can get hair dye to make your hair actually red; but this isn’t the same thing.


Before you start typing “You know you could’ve looked this up yourself on, right?” And i did look it up on the most trust worthy site i could think of…Wikipedia. After reading through the page, this is what defined the colour of a red-headed person.

“Red hair varies from a deep burgundy through burnt orange to bright copper. “

So even though the page admitted that the colour is more orange, and the term exist because it’s shades lighter than the colour red. And this commonly used when describing the hair colour of ginger.Screenshot (151).png As Grade A Under A pointed out in his video about animal names, humans with ginger hair are identified as red heads, in the same why these animals are labeled: the Red Fox, Red Panda and Red Squirrel; even though those animals are clearly orange. Oh and don’t even get me started on how the Red Panda isn’t even a god damn panda.

RED's.jpgSo given how this seems to be the way of naming things with orange or ginger hair, then shouldn’t we be calling the fruit we call oranges as reds? Instead of using “oranges” when describing the fruit, say “reds”. There are farmers who pick reds from trees, you can celebrate Christmas with a Terry’s Chocolate Red, and start the day with a nice glass of red juice. See what I mean? Now i don’t want you to actually do that for everyday life; this was just an example of how flawed this naming system is.

Blonde hair.jpgSo if ginger haired people are labeled as red heads, why are blonde people labeled as yellow heads? Think about, blonde is a similar looking colour compared to yellow. And as someone who has experience with painting, i have used yellow as a colour in order to make yellow. So if ginger hair can be labeled as red due to the colours being similar shades, no matter the side of the colour spectrum; then why doesn’t blonde or even brunette fall under the same way of thinking?

In fact I looked the actual meaning of the term “brunette” and the first thing that came up was “brown hair” on Wikipedia again. Well in that case do we need a separate word to describe an already named colour. Just say the person has brown hair, simple. But like i said in the beginning; i tend to take things way too literally. And plus i don’t really stay connected with the fashion world, hair design and hair beauty being such an example. Either way someone is making things way to complicated for the other.

In conclusion, I feel the term “red-head” is unnecessary when we already have a more fitting and more accurate way of describing their hair colour. That would be ginger. Either way, i want to hear your opinions in the comments. Oh and hair dresses and other people who use the term, really think about the colour you’re describing, and think it through.

Thank you for your time.