Tumblr’s obsession with identity politics:


Recently i came across the blog post of a site called ‘The Cynicalist’, a trans-person who discuss his feelings of Tumblur as a representative of the trans-gender community on the internet. In order to get a full perspective of what i mean, i suggest reading through the post first and come back to mine. Here’s a link: https://t.co/Os68sEzLiJ I’ll wait.

So given how Tumblr isn’t just a site now over run with the Social Justice morons I’ve mentioned in the past; but the site is now the hive of these people. And it’s now gotten so out of control, even the people they claim to represent are getting annoyed; joining the likes of the ‘Men’s Right’s Movement’ and ‘Women Against Feminism’. If you were too lazy to read the link, let me explain why Tumblr’s obsession with identity politics is hurting the credibility of those it aims to support; and the Internet in general.

You’re probably thinking; “Tumblr, isn’t it that site where people post memes and GIFs based around TV shows and fandoms?” That is true. And if you are a person who uses the site for that purpose, well good for you; i have nothing against that. But that’s only a quarter of what people know the site for. This is the rest.

The first thing is the ever going list of genders to identify as that the site users preach about. I mean look at this list of actual genders people have identified themselves as on Tumblr, with the chart coming from the site itself. Holy crap talk about being spoiled for choice. Look i have nothing against people transitioning into a different gender; but keep in mind there are only two genders, male and female. Well there are hermaphrodites that can have surgery to decide upon a chosen gender at the age of puberty. But keep in mind they are choosing between those two genders, because those are the only genders under medical science.

As The Cynicalist says himself, gender isn’t a pair of socks; you can’t just change due to how comfortable you are with said pair. You’re born with one gender, and then you have to decide to switch to the other gender. As the Youtube user Undoomed said,

“There have been males and females living on this earth, for hundreds of millions of years. But it only took two for Tumblr to f*** it all up”. Undoomed 2015

There are many examples of this online. Such Milo Stewart identifying as A gender (without gender) despite clearly looking like a woman. And yes, her Tumblr page is linked on her YouTube account. Anyway this way of doing things has been promoted by people like Laci Green, in which she has supported the idea of more than two genders. Yep she’s on the site too. Her proof of this claim, well she says  male and female are the ends of a gender spectrum, where anything in between is categorized based on whether the person’s genitals are malformed and the testosterone or estrogen level of the person. Look i know i don’t swear in these blogs but, she is that retarded. It’s funny how many people compare the SWJ community to The Party from 1984, but i consider them more to be like the creatures from Animal Farm, with people like Anita Sarkessian and Andrea Dworkin taking the role of Napoleon, with Laci being Boxer the horse. If you find a feminist believe she hasn’t supported that isn’t an all male genocide; you’re not trying hard enough.

But moving back onto Tumblr. And how could we not get to covering pronouns.
In particularly, the obsession the community the site has for getting people matched to their correct pronouns. OK snow flake, you want to expand the list of what to identify people as; dandy. But care to explain how I’m meant to know what you identify as without a badge on you. And it gets worst when many others decided to change gender, the pronouns they use as well. And there are cases where people who look or dress in an opposite of what pronouns they want.

Take for instance this guy, VarmitCoyote he is who is known for releasing a video of himself trying to convince the internet he was a woman. If he actually bothered with going through a transformation into a woman, than he wouldn’t have made a complete fool of himself. And that’s not only one case of people looking like the opposite to the gender they want people to identify themselves as. Feminate women calling themselves men, hairy men identifying as women, or just saying that don’t identify as either.

I know I’m using a lot of YouTube’s users as sources. But keep in mind that a lot of this ordinates from or is promoted by the community of Tumblr. And any criticism is labeled as trans-phobic, no surprises here. And even trans people objecting to this on the grounds of “that’s not how that works” are given the same treatment. Even The Cynicalist has had this happen to him.

” Apparently even though I’m a ‘traditional’ trans person, I’m transphobic on the grounds that I think changing your pronouns every day is stupid. Asking people to call you by male pronouns but making no effort to look male and wearing dresses and lipstick is also stupid. The most stupid of all is claiming to be genderless or doing it for attention. I’m almost convinced most of these kids are just huge attention seekers.” The Cynicallist.

I have never in my life used Tumblr as a social networking site, but given all of the above i made the right choice. And that’s not taking into account the aggressiveness of issues around feminism and racism, cries of oppression over first world problems, and the fact that jokes don’t exist unless it comes with a GIF file. And i didn’t even get into the subject of otherkins. The believe of some of the sites users that they are animals (real or other wise) in a human body. I…i don’t even…..i’ll just let Adam Buckley take this one.

So in summary, Tumblr isn’t really taken as seriously as sites like Twitter and Facebook, given what is posted on the site. Where the identity of its users are either a fancy mask or a game of music chairs, aggressiveness to anyone white and male in the name of equity is a popular thing to do and sensitivity is the norm. Got to check that privilege somehow. I think I’ve gone on long enough, and i’ll leave you with this part from JelloApocalypse‘s ‘Welcome to Tumblr video; what a better way to sum up a site that can be best described as the politically correct version if 4Chan.

Thank you for your time.


3 thoughts on “Tumblr’s obsession with identity politics:

  1. Your article showcases why I can’t stand identity politics. Identity politics is so negative! It only seems to be a form of self-victimizing and an excuse to blame others for your own problems. People like this are always the ones saying, “Dare to disagree with me, and you’re a racist/sexist/homophobe/etc.” Identity politics distracts us from REAL issues facing people, regardless of what group people belong to.


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