The All White Oscars:

Once again it’s Oscar season, in which many films, actors, directors and crew will receive an award based on their talents. If you remember last year, the nominees received back lash for mostly white nominees, and though and behold history has repeated itself.

In fact many black actors and celebrities such Idris Elba, Spike Lee, Will and Jada Plinkett Smith have spoken out and even flat-out boycotted the Oscars over the nominations. This has led to them deny their inventions to the event itself. Jada got the ball rolling when she tweet the following.


Putting aside the fact that many black actors have won awards. This including Jaime Foxx for best actor in 2005, and films such as 12 Years a Slave winning best feature in 2014, and Sidney Poitier also won best leading actor in 1964.And the president of the academy is a black women. Where does Jada get the right to call the industry unfair when her husband has keeping her and her kids rich for the past few decades? In fact her husband Will Smith stared in After Earth, a film that featured him as a supporting role with his son Jaden taking the lead; plus let’s not forget the film was mostly produced and written by him. Yeah, it’s kinda hypocritical to speak out against the industry when her and her family are part of it, making the money through basically the same means.

And then there is Idris Elba who has spoken out about the diversity problem too, in the same year he was praised for his performance as a African warlord in Beast of No Nation; and was then snubbed and didn’t get nominated. Coincidence? Yeah keeps in mind that the film was produced and released through Netflix in the same way House of Cards and Orange is the New Black were, straight to Netflix being the key thing here; as it’s the new way of saying your film was released straight to DVD. And last time I checked a film would need to be released to theaters, whether they’d be through wide releases or film festivals like Sun Dance. Idris you’re basically asking for the award of a completion that you missed the sign up date for. Sadly for you participation ribbons aren’t given out at the award ceremony.

The whole situation boils down to the fact that the people who are calling this unfair, don’t know how the rules of the game work. The Academy looks over the highest acclaimed films and judge the talent involved. And in terms of the specific people being rewarded, the list has to be shrunk down to five people at most. With the people choosing the nominees having to pick the best people who were working in the industry that year. And if those individuals that were picked really were who the Academy thought the best the industry offered, well OK good for the nominees and the community picking them.

But to the people who are outraged over the all white nominees, you do realize that the only reason that the Academy has a problem with race is because you’re making one. While it would be nice for more non white actors to receive attention and maybe win if they’ve earned it. But it’s just another case of politically correct outraged people calling for change over small issues due to more than two white people are involved. In most cases I haven’t heard suggestions from people who are doing this of who should lose the chance to be awarded for their talents, and what black person should get the award for the sake of diversity; yay equality!

These people are receiving awards for their talents, and given how this isn’t a giving ceremony for participation medals, the race and gender has no place in the factor of whether the person should win and nor it should do. But in the world of SJWs it does and the skin colour is the only thing that does matter when it comes to receiving anything with a good title….unless you’re a woman or disabled.

I could go on, but I’m going to let Janet Hubert finish this one of, a her response to Jada sums up everything we need to know.

As well as check out this video by the user Bearing, as he makes really good points on the matter.

Thank you for your time.


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