Am i a Feminist?

“Some people’s idea of free speech is to say what they like, but if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage”- Sir Winston Churchill.

Depending on who you here it from, you may be aware of how many people have turned against or refuse to label themselves as feminist. There are groups such Women Against Feminism and the Men’s Right Movement. Not to mention the low popularity of feminism is on sites like Twitter and YouTube. This has led to many people such as Christina Hoff Summers, Milo Yiannopoulos and Phil Mason to become well-known examples of people challenging modern feminism or adopting the term “anti feminist”.

 So why do people like myself decide to go against modern and third wave feminism? It’s simple really, like most people who came to their conclusion, I looked into many different feminist groups and spokes people; and i had to cringe at what i was hearing. With claims such as: how we live in a rape culture in the first world, how women are refused to be employed in different fields of work, how certain words can be emotionally scaring to women, how men need to be taught not rape etc. And then from there, my opinions became more negative given the tactics they’ve been pulling in the name of the cause. Censorship of critics, fear mongering their audience, redefining words and meanings to suit their arguments, exaggerated statistics on women’s harassment, false claims of discrimination such as the wage gap (if you want to see my views) the refusal to acknowledge serious issues towards men and the overall endless search of something new to be offended at.

This didn’t appeal to me as it mostly devolved into an emotional campaign over whatever idea said feminist had to say that week. And as a man of logic and show don’t tell reasoning, i didn’t want anything to do with these people, since the majority of them were self titleing themselves as glowing examples of their movement. With said statements and members being mostly made of white, middle class women living in first world countries like England and America. With their arguments mostly being built on the foundation of: “I’m offended, that’s sexist, ban this filth, please feel sorry for victims like me.”

It’s reasons like this why I and many others opposed the movement. “But wait” i hear you replying, “are you aware of the dictionary definition of the word feminism”? Indeed i am, in fact it’s even been used by multiple feminist as a get out of jail free card for their actions. “This isn’t a hate group where we pick on men, the dictionary says so.” Speaking of the dictionary definition; here it is.

“Feminism: The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes”. – Oxford Dictionary.

And i would support that,  but why would i support women’s rights and freedoms and be against a group designed to gain that one thing? Well you see a community is made of large amounts of people all of which having their own views on the matters the group supports. Which makes it all the more reasonable to voice your disagreement with any believe or person that can be or has identified with the group that is being spoken for. Most feminist groups don’t do that.

Watch the speech here.

Many well-known feminist like Anita Sarkessian and Zoe Quinn would support actions like censorship, to the point that they went to the UN in 2015 to promote laws against criticism…..uh, I mean “harassment and hate speech”. Hell Rebecca Watson and the website Free Thought Blogs are arguably the earliest examples of feminist labeling their critics of the movement as “pro rape misogynist” for critically analyzing claims or asking proof of said claims. With Free Thought Blog members even being shamed and kicked of the site for speaking out against the people who ran the site.

If I support the equality of the sexes, do i still consider myself a anti feminist; i do. In fact as far as i know you’ll never usually hear someone claim to be anti-feminist and be against the equality of men and women. And neither would i, i disagree with that 200%. I’m against discrimination in the same way I’m against the forceful thinking I’ve been describing so far. Two wrongs don’t make a right; and cruel behavior shouldn’t be a way of responding to cruel behavior such as sexism, harassment and gender discrimination. I don’t agree with using force to validate my beliefs in the eyes of others. I bring up the feminist definition because it’s still a valid ideology. I support the advocacy of rights and the equality of both genders. That includes freedom of opinions, ownership of property, the right to self defend ones self; i hope you get the picture.

I mentioned the Men’s Rights Activist Movement in the beginning, and while I’ve never identified as part of the group; i do support the idea of the cause. That being the rights of men and discussions on issues facing many men in the world such as: abuse victims, high suicide rates of men, gender bias of family courts etc.
So what’s the difference between them and feminist? I have more respect for that movement because they call for the freedom of rights for their gender and attention to issues effecting them. Meanwhile the more noticeable feminist online and in the media are more intent to push their agenda through force; through censoring critics, protesting to have things changed, insulting people they disagree with as misogynist or privileged scum. With this effecting many business and universities across America, the gaming industry being regularly bullied by Social Justice and Feminist groups for whole number of reasons. While members of the MRAM can be self-centered from my experience, they usually don’t beg or force the government to increase taxes in order to change the world to make things better for women.

So what’s my point? I support the individual freedom of everybody; because mandatory freedom in the name of one group is undoubtedly going to cause problems for everyone else, and it has. If you want to change minds allow them to be changed freely, and state we should do this because of this beneficial reason, not do so or else. But that’s just the way I see it; discussion would be a great thing in order to grow or fix the flaws of a movement, instead of sticking to what the group knows, change nothing and aspect everyone else to fit in with you.

Either way that’s it, I’ve said my piece and cleared my conscience. In the most basic form; I’m not a feminist, but i support the advocacy of rights and the equality of both genders. But that’s what think, what do you think. Am I onto something good and meaningful? is there a better way of doing things than that? Or am I just going to be called a patriarchal misogynist? If you found this interesting, you may enjoy the works of these individuals, that have rightly spoken out against the shameful acts of misandry and bigotry; all done in the name of equality and freedom of speech. And I’ll list them at the bottom.

Thank you for your time.

Fine individuals:

Phil Mason (Thunderf00t)

Christina Hoff Summers

Sargon of Akkad

Ceara McCord



Cheshire Cat Studios

Alpha Omega Sin

Shoe on Head

The Rageaholic


Sugar Tits

That Guy T

Girl Does Rant


Jordan Owen 42




The All White Oscars:

Once again it’s Oscar season, in which many films, actors, directors and crew will receive an award based on their talents. If you remember last year, the nominees received back lash for mostly white nominees, and though and behold history has repeated itself.

In fact many black actors and celebrities such Idris Elba, Spike Lee, Will and Jada Plinkett Smith have spoken out and even flat-out boycotted the Oscars over the nominations. This has led to them deny their inventions to the event itself. Jada got the ball rolling when she tweet the following.


Putting aside the fact that many black actors have won awards. This including Jaime Foxx for best actor in 2005, and films such as 12 Years a Slave winning best feature in 2014, and Sidney Poitier also won best leading actor in 1964.And the president of the academy is a black women. Where does Jada get the right to call the industry unfair when her husband has keeping her and her kids rich for the past few decades? In fact her husband Will Smith stared in After Earth, a film that featured him as a supporting role with his son Jaden taking the lead; plus let’s not forget the film was mostly produced and written by him. Yeah, it’s kinda hypocritical to speak out against the industry when her and her family are part of it, making the money through basically the same means.

And then there is Idris Elba who has spoken out about the diversity problem too, in the same year he was praised for his performance as a African warlord in Beast of No Nation; and was then snubbed and didn’t get nominated. Coincidence? Yeah keeps in mind that the film was produced and released through Netflix in the same way House of Cards and Orange is the New Black were, straight to Netflix being the key thing here; as it’s the new way of saying your film was released straight to DVD. And last time I checked a film would need to be released to theaters, whether they’d be through wide releases or film festivals like Sun Dance. Idris you’re basically asking for the award of a completion that you missed the sign up date for. Sadly for you participation ribbons aren’t given out at the award ceremony.

The whole situation boils down to the fact that the people who are calling this unfair, don’t know how the rules of the game work. The Academy looks over the highest acclaimed films and judge the talent involved. And in terms of the specific people being rewarded, the list has to be shrunk down to five people at most. With the people choosing the nominees having to pick the best people who were working in the industry that year. And if those individuals that were picked really were who the Academy thought the best the industry offered, well OK good for the nominees and the community picking them.

But to the people who are outraged over the all white nominees, you do realize that the only reason that the Academy has a problem with race is because you’re making one. While it would be nice for more non white actors to receive attention and maybe win if they’ve earned it. But it’s just another case of politically correct outraged people calling for change over small issues due to more than two white people are involved. In most cases I haven’t heard suggestions from people who are doing this of who should lose the chance to be awarded for their talents, and what black person should get the award for the sake of diversity; yay equality!

These people are receiving awards for their talents, and given how this isn’t a giving ceremony for participation medals, the race and gender has no place in the factor of whether the person should win and nor it should do. But in the world of SJWs it does and the skin colour is the only thing that does matter when it comes to receiving anything with a good title….unless you’re a woman or disabled.

I could go on, but I’m going to let Janet Hubert finish this one of, a her response to Jada sums up everything we need to know.

As well as check out this video by the user Bearing, as he makes really good points on the matter.

Thank you for your time.

The Best People on YouTube (My Ten Favorite Youtubers)

While this is a bit of a bias title for a blog, it does reflect my attitude towards these individuals. I’ve spoken about my YouTube channel on here before, and one question i do get asked often is this: “Who is your favorite You Tuber?” So I’ve decided to make this list of ten of my favorite Youtubers, in no particular order. You can click on their images which have links to their channels so you can check them out.

1) Jeremy Jahns:

Image result for jeremy jahns
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Jeremy is a film review with a huge passion for what he does,and it clearly shows. It’s always clear that the guy knows what his talking in terms of conveying his views on a film; not to mention how his charming charisma always keeps my attention. This adds to the times he tries to be funny, and he really is a funny guy with a good sense of timing. A huge smart and successful film reviewer for a good reason.

2) Made Yew Look:

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You’d think a make up channel wouldn’t be on the list favorite Youtubers, especially when the person making the list is male. But wait until what you see Lex (the woman running the channel) has in store. She uses make up and body paint in order to make her look like monsters or famous characters. In the past she has done videos where she has turned herself into characters like Mystique from X-men, The Cheshire Cat and many more. With Lex showing excellent attention to the detail of the characters she creates; her tutorials are very interesting to listen to given the narration she gives. She’s funny, well spoken and is a great artist.

3) Thunderf00t:

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While Thunderf00t does like to fill his channel with interesting and well researched videos on science; his known for tackling and debunking claims and videos in the name of disproving their arguments; whether it’d be creationist, science stories in the news, radical Islam and most often radical feminist. And each video is filled with mountains of evidence, each point being presently clearly with as much proof and reason behind it as possible. His a show don’t tell sort of person. Given how well he presents himself I could and have listened to him for hours.

4) The Rageaholic: 

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Also known as Razor-Fist, the best way to describe The Rageaholic is short and straight to the point. His a fast talking blogger on video games and metal music, with his videos being well-rounded, very detailed and yet he is always straight to the point in terms of his views on the given matter; and yet you always get a clear picture of what his saying. NOt to mention how the guy has excellent wit with his delivery working perfectly given how well articulated he sounds.


5) Alonzo Lerone: 

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Mainly known for his “Dumbest Fails of the Internet” series, Alonzo is greatly entertaining to watch. The ways he tears into the stupid comments and status post he makes fun of is absolutely hilarious. A very charismatic guy with an upbeat attitude that works well with a series like this. Perfectly timed jokes used in responses, creative uses with the martial his given, the reactions and ways that’s presented with the tweet in question always gets a giggle out me. In terms of making fun of the stupidity on the Internet, it’s summed up best by his catch phrase: “get a dictionary”.

6) The Unusual Suspect: 

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Suspect is one of the funniest reviewers I’ve seen in a long time, his well spoken, his scripts are very clearly written, his points are well thought through, on point, and along with having some of the best edited reviews I’ve seen on YouTube. A trope of YouTube comedy is to use a random clip or reference to add to a joke; Suspects decision to add himself to those clips, and interact with them as if they’re with him in the room was a stroke of genius, leading him to some very funny jokes. He has a channel that’ll make you think and laugh at the same time. I suggest starting with his Home Alone reviews, I’ve nearly pissed myself watching those videos for the first time.

7) CineFix:

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As someone who takes interest with arts and crafts along with general building stuff, CineFix are the people I wish to be. They’re mostly known for recreating movie trailers, but with a shoe string budget. This leads to creating props and costumes with cardboard, fabric and anything else they can find; and the results are stunning. The attention to detail in their props, the look of the characters, the recreated music, the shots of the trailers. Watch anyone of their compassion videos, you’d be amazed how similar the two clips match. Not to mention the clever ways they end up recreating many different effects. When I first saw the compassion video of their Mad Max trailer, my jaw went through the floor in how good it was.

8) Sargon of Akkad:

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This guy is similar as Thunderfoot minus the science, but like his he presents his points against the subject his speaking against (usually radical feminism) with figurative and literal mountains of evidence and sources, blowing his opponent out of the water. His smart, well research and very engaging to listen to. His very blunt and rather straight to point when speaking out against stupidity in the news, radical feminism and modern-day political correctness. A well spoken vlogger that speaks his mind, with enough citations to explain himself.

9) GroundZeroOnline:

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Or rather the main man of the channel MK, particularly for his MK Loves series. MK is a well spoken, well presented and charismatic video blogger that can make you laugh and think; mainly due to those videos are often serious discussions with jokes. And on both fronts he hammers the nail of the head. Bringing up excellent points and ideas with great examples of what he means. His jokes are very well written show casing the mans wit; along with helping to convey his point. He also had a series called GZ TV which shows how good he is at writing comedy; i don’t think I’ve laughed at something on YouTube so hard in a long time.

10) Batmanmarch: 

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There’s a large section of the Doctor Who fan community on YouTube that stop motion animated films with their action figures; in that community this guy is king. It’s clear to who can see why. His impressions and well captured personality of the chosen Doctor, the use of music and sounds from old Who episodes etc. Keep in mind these aren’t just short two-minute videos; no these are well written, tense, gripping stories spread across multiple videos in most case. With great voice acting, good effects and some clear skills in editing and camera work. Less we forget the amount of detail he goes into his action figure reviews, giving us details on the toy itself but also little facts about why said decision may have been included. Sadly he has stopped doing the stop motion adventures due to him feeling his done with it, but given how much good content his given over the years, I forgive him. He has other content that his still putting out, all of which is still entertaining to sit through.

And so there we have it, my ten favorite YouTubers. But that’s my thoughts, what do you think of them?

Thank you for your time.

The world of Big Finish: A introduction of the Doctor Who Expanded Universe for beginners

If you don’t know this, I have a YouTube channel called Filmmaker Kenny and i advertised this blog in one of my previous videos. To those people it’s no secret that I’m a fan of the show Doctor Who. However what they don’t know about me, is my opinions on the audio dramas produced by the company Big Finish Productions.

Big Finish is a British company that produces audio dramas, that was founded in 1996. They produce many different series such as: Blake’s 7, Dark Shadows and a series of Sherlock Holmes. However they’re mostly known for their Doctor Who audio dramas along with spin-off series to many different characters; this has gained the company a lot of popularity, mainly due to how many cast members of old and now new Who have been regularly featured; but also due to their success with fans and critics they’ve been so popular.

Since getting the rights to make stories using these classic characters (as New Who wasn’t out at the time) they’ve been writing stories featuring classic doctor’s since 1999 with the first story they made called ‘The Sirens of Time’; later they moved onto giving the Eighth Doctor Paul Mcgann his own series, with new companion Charely Pollard in 2001; along with multiple spin offs of other characters. They’ve been doing this mostly through their monthly range of Doctor Who stories. In which each month a classic Doctor and his companion (from the classics or original) would face an old or original monster, and would need to defeat it. With each month having a different Doctor and adventure.

While they were doing well throughout that time, they’ve gained more attention with the release of the new Doctor Who in 2005; since old and new fans were watching, people learned about Big Finish and their fame continued from there. Not to mention how ratings of the new series went higher when Matt Smith replaced David Tennant as The Doctor. More publicity for the company. Hell some fans even claim that Big Finish has produced some of the best Doctor Who stories ever written.

So how did i get introduced to Big Finish? Honestly the most that i knew about them, was from the publicity shots of their next upcoming story Dark Eyes back in 2012. See the Eighth Doctor series has been majorly successful; lasting to this day. Given the large amount of new viewers Matt Smith’s era brought to the show; Big Finish naturally pushed a new start for The Eighth Doctor in their new epic story line called the Dark Eyes series. A four volume Dalek story that marketed itself as an epic start for new listeners. New story, new companion, hell even his costume was different. Seriously look up Paul Mcgann’s costume from the Doctor Who TV Movie, then look at the costume of the cover of Dark Eyes. As interested as i was… i didn’t buy on release; mainly due to the cost of the four parts it featured (Four volumes, each a four-part story) which totaled to £40 per volume. Yeah given how i was in my mid teens and didn’t have that much money; £40 for something i didn’t know about, along with three other parts to get, seemed like a royal piss take.

So years later, I decided to look upon reviews of Big Finish’s catalog, and looked at which stories people seemed to like the most, and which ones sounded cool. My first story i listened to was a multi-doctor (a story featuring more than one established version of The Doctor) story The Light At The End; Big Finish’s way to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary. I wanted to check out Big Finish for ages, and given how some people have claimed this story to be better than Day of The Doctor (the show’s 50th anniversary special) And I was impressed; it was well acted, tense, dramatic and i highly recommend it to any fan of Doctor Who. Hearing these actors i grew up with watching the show, speaking new lines in a new adventure with all the classic doctor’s interacting with each other was such a thrill to listen to for the first time.

From there I’ve now brought quite a few Big Finish stories since then; not exactly a huge collection, but enough to say that i like their work. “OK” you may say, “but what makes them stand out in terms of being a franchises expanded universe?” Aside from the well written story’s, to put it bluntly; the stories felt like an episode of classic Doctor Who. I mentioned how many actors from the shows past have returned to retain their roles. Doctors, companions and even villains have had their actors come back to reprise the role. This has also happened for Big Finish other times as they’ve made dramas based on shows like Terra Hawks and The Prisoner.

What’s great about the returning actors is that the characters they play still feel like the ones from the show. It’s easy to hear that from the performance and the way their written, we as fans still identify that specific character. Plus the new (and often continuous) stories allow the characters to grow and develop further as characters. The Sixth Doctor as played by Colin Baker is an excellent example of this. Through out his short time as The Doctor he played him as smug, mean and self-centered; this has left fans split in opinions with some like myself being fine with that direction and thought Colin played the part well; while others claim Colin to be the worst TV doctor. What changed? Over time with many new companions acting as the person bring him back to reality and smack some sense into him. We’ve seen (or rather heard) a transition into a more humble and kinder person. That’s not to say a cynical character can be enjoyable, but Big Finish thankfully tamed the character to no long be a flat-out jerk. Stubagful on YouTube has made excellent video on the topic.

Along with the use of sounds and music from the old series and the length of the episodes in the monthly range, the overall experience feels like watching an episode of the classic series. Repeating an old formula is all well and good, but what new elements did they bring? Well given how it’s all done on audio there is no real limitations to what can be done; the writers can create what ever adventure they want, and won’t be tied down due to the lack of money in order to make real props. Thus the characters can face enemies in epic battles in extraordinary and surreal locations every month; with the details of such being left to your imagination. This has paved the way for any new monster and villains to be created as well as villains that never appeared much; such as the shape Shifting Viryons and The Eleven.

I’ve mentioned the developing characters; as many of the listeners are adults who watched the show when they were kids; the stories matured and yet darker to match the adult nature. Not to have the characters swear of the sorts. But rather the tone was darker and more adult themes were included along with often violent outcomes. Stories like Master, Protect and Survive and Live 34 show case this point with violent scenes and harsh out comes for the unlucky characters who don’t make it to the end.

There is also the new types of story’s they put out. Whether it’d be the pure historical stories, a typical Doctor Who time travel to historical event; only this time there’s no monsters or sci-fi elements. Just the two leads interacting with the people of the time and getting caught in some sort of problem. The Wrath of the Iceni being a good example of this; in which it’s a political drama queen Boudica in her fight against the Romans. One plot they like to use is the ‘two time lines plot’; let me explain. The story will feature two sets of characters in two different points in time; their actions will lead into the furthering of the other story, and then meet up again to finish the story. Many Big Finish adventures such as The Girl Who Never Was and The Last of the Cybermen used this plot in very clever ways in order to link both story’s into one narrative.

Experimenting is the word that can describe them best. There’s always something new with each adventure: multiple established characters meeting each other, new ways of tell the story. Which is a good thing as since they’re doing a new story each month, why not experiment with new things and see what works and what doesn’t.

So if I’ve interested you, you’re probably wondering,where do i start? Well where ever you want. There are many blogs and YouTube channels that talk about this stuff, so can find recommendations. However i find it best to look at Big Finish’s web site or any store that sells their content, read the back of the case of a story, and decide whether that sounds good, if you did that ad the plot sounds interesting; then you may be in for a good time.

So here are some of my favorite Big Finish dramas:

  1. Blood of the Daleks: Blood of the Daleks Part 1An excellent way to start the first of the 8th Doctor’s official series with his new companion Lucie Miller; one of my favorite companions. A very interesting mystery surrounding the events of the planet, great performances all around; and the chemistry between Lucie and The Doctor from absolutely having each other to getting along is just so fun to listen to.
  2. Spare PartsSpare Parts: Who would’ve thought a Cyberman prequel would work as well as it does. One of the best examples of Doctor Who doing dark and dramatic and nail the hammer on the head. You become very attached to the characters as they have to go through flat-out horrifying events in order to stay alive. A bleak story that will shock you and will keep you on the edge of your seat while listening.
  3. Live 34:Live 34 This political thriller is told from the perspective of a news show broadcasting to a human colony, as The Doctor and his friends take on a corrupt government.  This ingenious way of telling the story paints a well detailed picture of what our heroes are doing, while showing how bad the planet has gone. Showing what our leads are fighting for as we route for them to put things right again. Go buy this, if you’re a fan of political dramas like House of Cards you’ll love this.
  4. The Light in the End: What a perfect way to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary. As we see all eight classic Doctors take on The Master. The chemistry between the doctor’s is excellent as well as the pacing as each Doctor is given their own segment of the story before their paths meet; and yet none of it feels rushed to get to the next part. An epic adventure for anyone who loves these versions of the character.

Here are some more for you to look out for:

Dark Eyes, The Last Adventure, Terra Firma, the I, Davros series, Brave New Town, Human Resources and finally Lucie Miller/ To the Death.

If you’d like to buy any of these please visit their website here:

Have I missed any story you like, let me know.

Thank you for your time.